Maintaining your garden

Maintaining your garden

Article by Nick Heidfeld

If you are a first time gardener you have to remember that taking care of a garden is a commitment and not a passing phase. There is nothing more upsetting then seeing a shrivelled up plant in the corner. Hard work reaps rewards so look at the bigger picture; imagine how lovely your home will look with a gorgeous garden enhancing its beauty!

You require a good set of gardening tools to help you with basic digging, cutting and trimming. Opt for tools that are made of stainless steel and are strong, durable and won’t rust over time. Make sure you have gardening scissors, garden hoe, leaf blower, garden rake and pitch fork.

Have a look at the soil of the garden. If it is uneven or too rocky plants will not grow well at all. You may have to add nutrients to the soil to make it more fertile or simply choose plants that will grow in that particular type soil.

Plants need sunlight, but remember too much of it will cause the flowers and plants to dry up quickly. Plant trees around those plants that are fragile so as to shield them from the sun. Another option is to choose plants that don’t require too much maintenance and can take care of themselves. These plants can survive in the harshest sun.

Make sure you water your plants regularly and keep them moist, especially in summer. You also have irrigation and sprinkler system that can be timed to come on automatically every day to water your garden and lawn.

Never mow the lawn in the rains and never cut the grass too short. Short grass does not look as green as the longer blades. The longer blades protect the lawn from the sun and help in retaining its moisture.

Use manure and fertilizers to improve the health and well being of your plants. Visit your local green house and nursery to find the right garden materials for you. You may also need some amount of mild insecticides to keep small rodents and insects away.

Clean your garden and make sure you cud weed growth as much as possible. This can be done simply by garden edging. Garden edging is basically drawing a perimeter from the grass area and the planting area. You can make a garden edge with bricks, stones, old tiles and perennial plants as well. You can also choose from wood, plastic, metal and concrete garden edging. These garden edges are easy to install and last for yeas. They come in different colours and styles and frame your garden beautifully. It makes the removal of weeds and trimming the plants easier. Of late people are opting for concrete garden edging for its longevity and style.

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