Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Many people love pottering around in their own gardens, make it a pretty environment to enjoy in their spare time. There is though more than one way to create a garden, and an increasingly popular method is organic gardening. Many people will have heard of organic food and it is with the same basic principles that organic gardening occurs.

Organic gardeners ensure that their gardens grow without the use of manmade pesticides or fertilizers. Both ingredients do help create a garden that looks perfect but do harm the soil and environment in many ways. Organic gardening is not about the search for a perfect garden but the search for a natural one. In truth much of the work of the manmade pesticides and fertilizers can be done in a natural way, although it may require a lot more patience.

Organic gardening normally starts by dealing with the garden’s soil. It is necessary to add organic matter to it, in the form of leaf mould or garden compost. It now possible to buy organic compost from a local garden centre, but it is easy enough to make your won. Anyone with a garden has the ability to come up with organic matter, the lawn and garden produces materials with plant pruning and the mowing of the lawn. The house also produces plenty of material as well, with tea bags and vegetable peelings making ideal components of the organic matter. A purchased or made compost bin is then all that is required to make your own compost.

When it comes to deterring pests and disease there is plenty that organic gardening can use. Many naturally grown varieties of fruit, plants and vegetables are resistant to disease and pests. It is also possible to grow plants that will attract animals and insects that will see of other forms of pests like slugs and greenfly. Many strongly scented plants will also deter certain pests. Even weeds can be suppressed naturally through the use of a bark blanket on the bare soil.

It is often debated as to whether organic gardening is more labor intensive than the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The truth is though that if you are prepared to seriously garden then you have the time to keep an eye on an organic garden.

Organic gardening is definitely more environmentally friendly and serious gardeners are increasingly using organic materials to make their gardens grow. Many though still make use of manmade substances to make a perfect garden, but every little use of organic matter does help.

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