Organic Gardening – Growing Fresh Fruit in Containers

Organic Gardening – Growing Fresh Fruit in Containers

Container gardens are a great method of gardening that can be used with many different crops, berries, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables can all be grown using this technique. Ideal particularly when limited space or even soil conditions are the reason you can’t plant the gardens you want, even a great way to extend your growing season.

Container gardening is also a great way to get children involved in growing plants and to learn about how and what makes plants grow, from the soil to the mature plant. Letting them learn how to grow crops with organic methods will teach them how the ecosystem works naturally in nature.

Growing fruit and berries in container is becoming more popular with the home gardener. The ability of growing fresh fruit in a limited space makes this method of gardening a cost effective way to garden, along with being less work that the traditional method of row gardening. Containers can be planted with a variety of plants and are a great way to add an attractive appearance to a patio while providing a healthy crop for you to enjoy.

Container size, soil and drainage are the three concerns that need attention when growing a container garden. A good healthy organic soil or soil-less potting mix that retains moisture, nutrients and drains well is what is needed for this type of gardening.

With container gardening, you also can get a head start on your gardening by planting indoors and extend the growing season by being able to bring your plants in when cooler weather has a threat of frost. There are many benefits that a container garden can provide.

If you are new to this method of gardening, it is best to start out with small crops like herbs, lettuce or even strawberries. Tomatoes and peppers are also two good choices to be grown in a container. Stay with the berries, fruits and vegetables that you enjoy the most, you can always expand with more containers once you are comfortable with what you are growing. Trying to grow to many plants at one time, even with the traditional method of row gardening, can get you discouraged when they become to much work.

Companion planting and succession planting are two other methods of gardening that work well with container gardening. Grow crops that can benefit each other in the same container and replace early crops with crops that mature later in the season.

Keeping your containers well watered is very important. Containers are different than the traditional row method of garden that is grown directly in the soil, containers tend to dry out easier, especially in the hot weather months.

When you grow your own organic berries, fruits, herbs and vegetable in containers, you know where they come from and what was used to grow them. There is nothing fresher than a crop picked straight from the garden to the dinner table, along being grown without the use of toxic chemicals.

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