Planning The Garden For Your Garden Office

Planning The Garden For Your Garden Office

Shed working or creating an office in your very own garden has become the trend these days. Not only is it an ideal place to get all your work done, it is also prolifically environment friendly. On top of that, you’ll also be surrounded with plenty of greens that is not just good for you biologically but is also psychologically calming. Gone are the days when you have to commute to your workplace and leave carbon prints all over the planet. Never again will you find yourself setting uncomfortable boundaries with the family when you use the spare room in the house as an office space.

Given that you are all sold out to setting up your garden office, it’s time to take the proper steps to getting it all done. While it might not cross your mind to seek building permits to build your shed, rules are actually in place about garden offices, or ancillary buildings in general, and dealing with those before starting construction would help make sure you will not be wasting resources or breaking any laws in the both the near and distant future.

The permissible measurement of a garden office would be no more than 50% of your garden or the area of the land minus the original house. The eaves of your roof should not be more than 2.5 meters and the highest part of the same roof should not be more than 4 meters. Your garden office should also be a single-storey and should be at least one meter from your boundary or you can always consult with your neighbours of your plans to make sure you are not obstructing their enjoyment of their property.

Now that you have the measurement, consider the design of your garden office, its entrances, the electrical and communications line and the plumbing you will need to install later on. That way you can plan where you want your pathway paved and how you want your wirings and plumbing done. When choosing your pathway, it is also very important to consider how you are going to get the materials you need for the garden office into the garden. At this point, it is almost indispensable that you consult a garden office expert. This remains true even if you were planning to put up a DIY garden office. After all, the rules are interpreted and are even different for every location so you would want to take advantage of those exceptions and rules that are most beneficial to you.

In any case, as garden offices are practically an extension of your garden, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a particular theme going and make the panoramic view more or less seamless. You can add whitewashed pebbles around your flower pots, pathways and surrounding the office, for example. It is also important to keep your garden well-lighted. It is good a safety practice and, if done right, can add a great aesthetic appeal to your entire garden. Consider getting small solar lights and place them along pathway edges, behind big plants around a garden bed. This can give your garden and your office character and, if you use solar lights, save up on energy bills too.

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