Planting a Stunning Rose Tree Garden

Planting a Stunning Rose Tree Garden

Rose Tree Gardens

Rose gardens are a beautiful sight to see in anyone’s yard. Now imagine seeing a nice, tall rose tree in the same garden. They are such a beautiful sight to see especially when they have been been grafted and have 2-3 different color roses on it. The aroma is such a nice and refreshing smell to have in your yard, keeping you with a smile from ear to ear.

As a rose gardener, you may notice that your garden is becoming full of beautiful roses. As your gardening room starts to become scarce, it may be a good idea to start a rose tree garden within your garden. These type of roses are taller than regular roses; usually the cane is about 3 feet tall, minus any roses and grafting. The care for these beautiful types of roses can be difficult at first but, once knowing the proper care and maintenance, caring for your rose tree garden can be very satisfying and rewarding.

When buying your rose, you should go to a reputable nursery in you area. Make sure that you pick a rose that has a good root bud junction. You want to make sure that even a novice grower can enjoy this type of rose.

Planting a Rose Tree Garden

As in all rose gardening you must first start off by preparing the area for your garden making sure that there is enough drainage in the garden to ensure that there is not going to be any water logging in the future. When picking the best spot for your garden, keep in mind that the cane of the tree may get sun scolded if in direct sunlight. While digging the whole for the rose tree, take the rose standards and place them in a bucket of warm water (also known as hyper watering).Before planting be sure to take your weather conditions into account because you may have to place stakes in the ground to help hold the weight in windy conditions.

Your hole should be at least 2 feet wide and about 18 to 20 inches deep. When done digging loosen the soil another 6-10 inches deeper. By loosening the soil it will help the roots navigate easier while rooting itself. Go ahead and loosen the dug soil so you can add some root starter and fertilizer to it.

Now that your holes are dug and your soil is ready it’s time to plant your rose tree garden.

Place your rose in your hole making sure to be careful with the roots. If possible, carefully spread the roots a little to help nature take its course. When done the root bud junction should be about 1 inch under the soil once covered. Now go ahead and cover the roots with the soil that was dug out. Soil should already be mixed with fertilizer and root starter. Now to ensure your rose tree does not fall over, place a sturdy stake in the ground tying it with an elastic band.

Well there you go, you have successfully planted your rose tree garden. Use these steps to plant your entire garden. With your rose garden and your rose tree garden, you will have the best looking garden in the neighborhood. People will love your garden for years to come.

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