Plastic Garden Sheds – Backyard Storage

Plastic Garden Sheds – Backyard Storage

For those of you in need of some extra storage space for a lost cost could consider building a plastic storage shed in your garden. The great thing about plastic garden sheds is that they are cheap compared to the other options out there.

Portable plastic garden sheds

A lot of companies out there design their plastic garden sheds to be portable in the sense that they can be moved in one go when completely empty. This means that anchoring to the ground is not existent or very easily and quickly reversible. The portability factor for plastic garden sheds is great because it allows you to move the storage facility when you want and with very little ease. For example you might have a large garden and the shed is at the back of it during the winter months when access to it is infrequent, then when summer time comes you might want to move it closer to the house as usage increases. Wooden and metal garden sheds do not provide the same portability because of the fact that the weight can be too much for manual lifting to be done.

Advantages of plastic garden sheds

1. Firstly plastic is not affected by degradation as much as wood is, which means that the lifetime of the shed will be much longer and less maintenance will be required. Weathering and termites have no affect on plastic structures whereas for wooden ones it is only a matter of time before repairs need to be done.

2. Another advantage is that they are usually much cheaper than wood, vinyl or metal made storage sheds. The lower cost means that you might be able to afford two sheds as opposed to one providing you with more storage space.

3. Plastic garden sheds are also much more easily disposed of when there is no more use for them in your backyard. Especially in the modern age where plastic recycling technology has improved considerably. There might even be waste disposal companies out there that would be willing to pay you a small sum of money to get rid of your plastic for you.

4. the appearance and design can be much more flexible than using metal or wooden sheds. This means when you go to buy a shed or build one you have a much wider size of visual styles to choose from.

5. Can easily become a hybrid structure made out of wood, plastic and metal in a variety of different combinations.

Building your plastic backyard shed

When you get your backyard shed delivered you will need to bring all your parts to your garden and then give the instruction manual a very good read at least twice. Building should be carried out at the location of where it will ultimately sit, this is to reduce the occurrence of when the structure needs to be moved which is often when damage occurs. In the scheme of thins this is only a small DIY construction project and should be carried out by an amateur very easily. As with all construction work it is good and common practice to have a partner to help you out with the building.

Where to buy a cheap plastic garden shed

These sheds can be bought from many hardware retail stores both online and offline. Compared with the something like pole barn prices it is a very cheap storage facility due to the relative cheapness of plastic. eBay is a website where items are consistently sold cheaper than anywhere else. This includes horse barns, outdoor wooden sheds, building plans and sheds for your garden. However when buying items on eBay you must make sure that the seller has already many transactions and their feedback rating is very healthy. This reduces the risk of you being delivered something you think might be a misrepresentation on the bidding page.

Limiting factors you should be aware of

When your shed is empty you should be aware of strong winds as there have been instances where winds have moved the structure considerably which results in damage done to your shed or other garden furniture such as patio chairs and garden tables. Ideally you should have some kind of anchoring to the ground to protect from weather effects such as strong winds. However if you have the plastic garden shed filled up with spades, buckets, garden utensils, power tools and toys then there should be sufficient weight for no problems to occur.

The plastic structure can create a very hot atmosphere inside it during warm summer days. This means storing food and other sensitive items is a very bad idea. On the other hand during cold winter months there should be no problem with storing food. Another thing is that visually plastic sheds are less visually in character with a garden than wooden structures. Backyards are typically out of sight from other people, but if you do spend a lot of time in your backyard during the summer then you still might want to give it a look that you are proud of.

Choosing a spot in your backyard

Depending on how big your backyard is you will have many different spots to build your plastic garden sheds on. In my opinion you should build it close to your house so that it is very quickly accessible when going out of your back door. This means that storing food during the winter will be much easier. Also if you have children you should avoid building the storage structure anywhere near their play area as a ball or other object will most likely end up making impact with the walls several times a day. Another consideration you should make is the proximity of large branches above the roof of the shed. Planning should be carried out to remove branches that might end up falling down on the roofs of your plastic garden sheds and cause damage. Such damage can easily be avoided if you simply take them time to set up a build area that is as suitable as can be.

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