Rustic Furniture in the Garden

by Maia C

Rustic Furniture in the Garden

With a garden being nature’s bequest, a clever decorator adds character to the garden in organic style. It seems backward to have plastic in an area that has been created for live plants and flowers. Rustic garden furniture is a striking choice, some made from a variety of woods. Metal furniture will also allow it to keep its rustic notion.

Garden furnishings made of wood are sturdy and blends into the natural canvas of the great outdoors; wood ages naturally and smells distinct. Wood furniture is many times made by hand, presenting the opportunity to have a piece custom-made. Beautifully sculpted dining sets, benches, and swings, put the finishing touch. Handmade wood fittings are not hammered together using perfectly angled two-by-fours, but each board has its own contour and personality from a first cutting.

Metal furniture presents its own rustic accent, but in a more modern style.

With a larger choice of colors and elaborate designs, metal is very popular. This is strong furniture but also light enough to be moved around the area. There is a diverse selection of arches, chairs, and tables. A strong feature of metal fittings is how many different ways the rungs are fashioned and assembled.

Everything imaginable can be achieved when adding to the natural quality of a garden. A calming picture would be friends and family gathered around a rustic dining table with the aroma of flowers wafting through the field and mixing with the smell of delicious food. To look out over the landscape, one would see an arbor grown-up in ivy, and in the distance, a rustic bridge. Additional planters and several bird feeders pepper the flourishing scenery, with benches tucked in corners.

This painting should be titled “Earthy Feelings”.

It is very relaxing to sit at a bistro table and sip coffee in a garden, this environment is also an excellent place to hold a meeting. Rustic fittings are not limited to residential areas, but is very popular in public places too. Others are bringing garden furniture into their sun rooms to create a similar effect, or using it for decor in log homes.

Rustic furnishings offer texture and charm to any setting, whether the area is small or large. Staying on the nature path when decorating a landscape is impressive, there’s furniture perfect for each spot. A trellis or gazebo will accent the project, as can the traditional picnic table. Whether you choose wood or metal furniture, it’s simple and pleasurable to have an interesting garden.

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