Secret Gardens – Planning Makes Perfect!

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Secret Gardens – Planning Makes Perfect!

Have you ever imagined having your very own Secret Garden? A hidden garden overflowing with beauty and tranquility, designed just for you? Maybe you envision a secluded spot bursting with beautiful flowers, lush foliage and tightly trimmed hedges. Or, perhaps you imagine a private natural sanctuary sprinkled with delightful and unexpected treasures.

Whatever your personal style is, this article will help bring your imagination to life! Here are several tips to plan & create your personal paradise in your own backyard:

Location, Location, Location
You may desire a sunny spot, a shady spot or one in between with dappled light. Perhaps you want a setting where you can appreciate a particular view or maybe you prefer a truly hidden location. Some people enjoy designing a path that leads to their treasured destination while others may create their garden around an existing element such as a large flowering tree or a natural stream.

There is no right or wrong location except the “secret” ingredient. It’s all about identifying that little secluded place that will be perfect for you and that you can call your own.

Planning Makes Perfect
Planning ahead will make your experience more enjoyable and enhance long-term success.

Location — Once you have decided on the ideal location and how you will plant or wall it in to make it private, you can start planning the rest of the steps.

Critters — You may quickly find that you are not the only one enjoying your lovely garden. If you have a problem with deer, rabbits or slugs for example, don’t get too enamored with some gorgeous flowering bush only to have it nibbled to the point of looking like Swiss cheese.

Natural Environs — Choose plantings that are appropriate for your special haven.

It’s important to read labels to learn which ones best fit your site’s natural environment. Familiarize yourself with the type of soil, sun/shade, cold and wind exposure plants can tolerate.

Right-Sizing — Be sure to factor in the growth of plants. In your enthusiasm, it’s easy to overlook important facts that may lead to serious growing pains. For example, did you know that Wisteria and Lilacs may take a couple of years until their first bloom? On another note, some plants and trees are like St. Bernard puppies. They are cute when they are little but they grow to be much bigger than you ever planned for. Consider using some dwarf varieties.

Winged Wonders — Some of your favorite scented flowers are likely wasp or bee magnets–consider planting them further out. If however, you want butterflies to visit your garden hideaway, invite them! Some of their favorite flowers are: purple coneflower, garden phlox, lavender, black-eyed Susan, verbena, lantana and daylilies. Are you a bird lover? Add a birdbath and a birdhouse or two.

Seating — What type of seating will make spending time in your garden as pleasant as possible? You’ll want attractive, but also comfortable pieces.

Think Thirsty — Plan ahead for watering requirements. If your garden is some distance from a water supply because it is secluded, you may want to install drip lines or sprinklers to ensure a happy garden.

Just like secrets… some Secret Gardens are best kept to yourself, and some are even better when they are shared. Whatever you decide, you will cherish having a little plot of earth carved out and designed in your unique fashion just to call your own!

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