Small Scale Gardening

Small Scale Gardening

Smaller gardens need more attention and caring than the larger ones. Everything has to be perfect and proportioned with the small scale garden because the details can visibly be seen. The idea to have a pleasing garden within a narrow area is to have balance. It has to be simple and dimensional.

Modern houses these days focus more on the interior, having the all area as a house and no more space for gardening. This is what inspired gardeners to think of ideas that will reward homeowners the garden that they desire even though they only have small spaces for it.

Below are the steps on how to create a small scale garden that every garden enthusiast will love:

Step 1

The first thing to do is organize the area. Small scale gardens cannot be divided into different sections. It can only hold one section that has to be carefully designed so that everything we want to place in it would fit. Also determine if we would like an organic garden. If so, we need to have enough space for our compost. The idea is to squeeze the garden and have great ideas o how to make all the plants and other things fit into it.

Even if it is just a narrow garden, we need to add a major landscape into it. It shouldn’t be just a garden where we place our plants, but also a place where we can relax and enjoy. Some chairs and tables would be perfect, and it is possible even in very small spaces.

Step 2

If we are living inside buildings or rented apartments, we are probably restricted not to do the construction on the site. The only way to avoid this is to carry the materials inside once they are done. We need proper planning for this and design the whole garden beforehand so we only have to place the materials all at once.

Step 3

Smaller gardens also need to have boundaries. This way it won’t look like we just placed the things where they can fit. Small stone steps, and fences between small sections will give our garden a larger look.

Step 4

We need to have a proper scaling for our garden. This is important so that the garden would look balanced and proportioned. We don’t have to crowd the area with lots of smaller objects. Having them together with the larger ones will keep the balance better.

Step 5

It’s better to avoid the use of too many varieties of materials with a small scale garden. If we choose a certain theme, then we need to stick to it and add only the needed materials for us to emphasize the theme. Mirrors are good to make the area look wider. It will also reflect the light that will help brighten the narrow area. They need to be durable and suitable for outdoor use.

Regardless of having a narrow space for our garden, we need to keep it attractive as possible, and pay attention to it just like any other wide gardens.

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