So You’ve Been Considering Starting a Garden

So You’ve Been Considering Starting a Garden

Article by Wilchek Zelenski

You probably played in the dirt a lot as a kid. You dug up the dirt, built homes, and drove little cars around makeshift roads. The sandbox and other patches of dirt your parents allowed you to play in may have been like another world to you, where you imagined yourself taking make believe adventures and journeys. As a grown up, it is harder to find time for playing in the dirt. That is why so many adults work so hard at starting a garden. As gardeners, you have an excuse to play and work in the dirt however often or little you like! If you have thought about beginning your own garden, here are some things you should do if you want to make sure your garden is successful.

Every garden requires some advanced planning. The fact is that seeds take time to grow and if you want those seeds or seedlings to really thrive they need to be put into the ground at specific times of year. Yes, it is possible to grow flowers on a whim sometimes. If, however, you want to have a great garden, you’ll have to get used to the idea of doing a lot of work a long time in advance. There are plants that need to be planted a long time before they will start to bloom. There are even some plants that will stay in the ground for a year before they start to sprout! If you want your garden to grow up to be big, healthy and thriving, you need to be prepared to commit to it.

Decide exactly what kind of plants you want to grow. Every type of plant has its own set of needs. You will need certain types of soils and nutrients for each type of plant that you want to grow. Planning your garden out before you begin planting you will have to make sure that you have all of the right gardening tools on hand. If you aren’t smart and plan out your garden in advance you could kill your plants before they have a real chance to grow and thrive. It is absolutely fine to plant a varied garden but different plants have different needs so make sure to plan out your garden ahead of time before you plant even one seed.

If you are looking for easy plants to grow, check out some of the “easy” lists that are available online and at gardening shops. Lambs ears, zinnias, black eyed Susans and other flowers are also pretty easy to grow.

Even if this is your very first garden you can choose from other plants–these easy to grow plants are not a requirement for first gardens. New gardeners just seem to find these flowers and vegetables the easiest to plant and raise. As you get used to tending these plants you will have an easier time branching out to other plants.

Believe it or not gardening is a lot of fun! Don’t be afraid to admit that you like working the soil and getting dirty.

You probably feel like a kid again! This is one of the main reasons that people are so dedicated to their gardening hobbies. They probably feel more like they are playing than working!

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