Starting a Vegetable Garden Planting Bed – Five Questions You Need to Answer

by jo-h

Starting a Vegetable Garden Planting Bed – Five Questions You Need to Answer

Before you invest a lot of your time and money in a vegetable garden planting bed, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. Often time’s gardeners are very excited to get their gardens planted and go out and purchase too many gardening supplies. Then when they start planting their materials they realize they have not planned their garden appropriately.

Why waste your money on expensive materials just to find out you do not really need them in your garden? Try answering the following five questions to develop a plan for your garden to avoid throwing your money and time away.

Location – Where will my vegetable garden planting bed be located? Be sure to select a sunny location in your yard or a balcony that gets a decent amount of light.

Size – How big will my vegetable garden planting bed be? Think about the size and quantity of vegetable plants you are planning to use. This will help you figure out the size of your garden.

Type – What type of garden am I planning? Are you planning on starting a raised vegetable garden planting bed or a container garden? Maybe you plan to till a piece of land and start your garden there. Answering this question will help to make this decision.

Plants – What types of vegetables do I plan on growing? Are you growing just tomatoes and peppers? Or will you be planting sweet corn and larger plants? Maybe you are going to grow an herb garden or salsa garden? Answering these questions will help you figure out what supplies you will need to purchase.

Pest Control – What types of pest control methods will you use for your vegetable garden planting bed? Are you planning an organic vegetable garden planting bed or will you be using common pesticides in your garden? This is a very important question to answer as it may have cost implications.

By answering a few quick and easy questions, you can save yourself a lot of frustration later on in your vegetable garden planting. Proper planning and design will help you have a wonderful garden that will give you fresh produce all summer long!

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