Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture? An Excellent Decision

Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture? An Excellent Decision

Teak is the perfect material for outdoor garden furniture. It’s a dense, coarse-grained hardwood that contains oils that repel insects, resist heavy moisture, and prevent the drying effects of hot weather. The teak tree is native to parts of India, Burma, Thailand, and Java. It’s also grown in Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil.

For centuries, teak was a standard material used to construct of sailing ships and clippers, and many 100-year-old park benches in English parks and gardens come from the wood salvaged from ships after they were dismantled. Today, teak is a major material for the construction of modern yachts, sailboats, and luxury cruisers. Boat owners prize its beauty and durability. During the second World War, teak was even used for the landing decks of aircraft carriers.

Oddly, teak is not a tropical rain-forest product. It grows best on hillsides with good drainage. Dutch colonists established many teak plantations in the early 1800s that are well-managed by the Javanese government today. In the plantations, it takes about 55 years to grow a mature teak tree to its peak of 150 feet tall and from 3-5 feet in diameter. Because there are so many well-managed teak plantations around the world, teak wood and outdoor garden furniture made from it will likely be available for centuries to come.

Known for its durable strength, teakwood has a beautiful golden hue, and it’s natural finish seldom needs stains or paint. Exposure to sun and rain, produces a silver-gray hue that is equally attractive. Due to its inherent oils, teakwood outdoor garden furniture needs little care, though natural discoloration can be uneven. Your teakwood outdoor garden furniture will be knot-free and smooth, and you’ll never have to replace it – unless you want to.

If your teakwood outdoor garden furniture has already been treated, you need do little more than wipe it to remove dust and rain spots. But you can leave it untreated up to six years without damaging your outdoor garden furniture. At five to six years, you might apply teak oil to maintain moisture. You can also use olive oil, but it evaporates more quickly than natural teak oil.

The designs of teak outdoor garden furniture are simple, elegant, and comfortable. It’s built to be durable, and most teak outdoor garden furniture is available at prices comparable to other outdoor garden furniture. Of course, you can select cushion materials and accessories to coordinate with your garden’s existing decor.

Teak’s natural elegance lends beauty to its durability. You can find a variety of designs and ensemble sets that will compliment your landscaping and deck or patio layout. Teak outdoor garden furniture is lightweight and easily moved, unless more traditional wrought-iron pieces. You’ll find a wide variety of pieces to beautify your outdoor entertaining space – tables, chairs, outdoor sofas, benches, storage bins, swings, bars, and barstools. Most sellers provide coordinated waterproof seating cushions and furniture covers that only add to your furniture’s attractive appearance.

When you purchase teak outdoor garden furniture, you’re making a wise investment in your future and in the beauty of your surroundings. Beautiful and durable, the natural beauty of teakwood is enhanced by its minimal care requirements. You’ll find a wide variety of teakwood outdoor garden furniture on the internet as well as in your local stores.

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