The Art of Gardening

The Art of Gardening

Article by Armil Velos

Gardens are no longer just places to grow plants, vegetables, or even fruit bearing plants and trees. Today’s gardens are places used for relaxation, exercise, and entertain family and friends. Gardening is no longer just for the green thumb or the expert gardener; it is also for the novice and the weekend warrior. Creating beautiful gardens are not just about having a lot of plants and trees – it is about creating an environment that is an extension of one’s character and style. Designing the garden of your dreams is not difficult to achieve – provided you know what you want. Certain planning and preparation must go into the creation of a garden that will bring enjoyment for years and years to come. I am going to let you in on some key factors that you need to know before you start creating your very own slice of paradise.

1. The most important step is deciding the space – the bigger space, the more opportunity to create an oasis of a variety of plants and colors. The location is also another important factor depending on what you like. I like a lot of privacy so I built my garden in the back of my house. More and more people, especially those living in the city, are making use of their space in front of their homes due to some space restrictions. No matter what style, your garden is a reflection of you. 2. The next thing is to think of is the design and layout. The color scheme of flowering plants and location of the trees should be included in your plan. Garden magazines are great sources for ideas and inspiration. Adding a contemporary water feature in the garden will create a relaxing environment. Waterfalls and fountains are just a few of the many designs commonly used in gardens and homes today. 3. Check the pH value of your soil. A simple test will help you find out the pH levels in your soil. There are Home pH Level Test kits that you can purchase from home improvement stores or garden centers. Make sure to take several samples of soil from various locations in the garden. 4. Abundant source of sunlight, especially from the morning sun is important for the overall condition of the plants. 5. Smaller plants should not be near large trees, as bigger plants tend to rob them of nutrients. 6. The decision to have plants that are either easy to maintain or require daily care is entirely up to you. Gardening brings a lot of joy to the gardener but can be time consuming. The level of responsibility that you would like to give to your garden hinges on how much time you have in your hands.

In just a few months, you will begin to see tremendous improvement and growth in your garden. To ensure continued growth, water your plants regularly. Remove sprouting weeds immediately to maintain healthy growth. Tilling to loosen up the soil is one way to get air into the root area. Adding manure, compost, or top soil is a sure way to enrich the soil around the plants. Apply mulch to reduce the growth of weeds and help prevent dryness of the soil.

These are “proven and tested” tips that I have been using since I took an interest in gardening. Healthy looking plants improve the total appeal of not just your garden but also your home.

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Check out your local nursery for gardening tips and variety of plants and planting requirements. The internet is replete with valuable information about gardening, growing and maintaining your plants. If you are thinking of adding, contemporary water feature in your garden check out the internet for the latest designs in water features.

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