The Garden Tool Set – A Gardener’s Best Friend

The Garden Tool Set – A Gardener’s Best Friend

At the first sign of good weather, (or even semi-good weather), people flock outdoors to garden. We clean out old garden beds, vegetable patches and terra cotta pots in anticipation of planting new things. For some, this means filling up your planters with homemade compost, rich in nutrients. For others, this means ripping open a big bag of soil, rich in nutrients. There is nothing like sinking your hands into nutrient-rich soil. Unless, it is digging into nutrient-rich soil with a good garden tool set.

For gardeners, selecting garden tools is akin to getting new school supplies when we were kids. Remember the excitement of choosing new folders, markers, pencils and notebooks? It is with that same excitement that gardeners choose their lawn tools.

Three of the gardener’s best friends are a trowel, clippers and a knee pad. Conveniently, these three come in small sets.

There are cheaper versions as well as ones with heftier prices. If you can, go with the better made tools because they will last longer. Cheaper versions, while colorful and pretty, might only last a couple of seasons. Stainless steel and aluminum are both good choices for the tool. Rubber grips on the handles are important because they will keep you from getting blisters. Some handles are made ergonomic which is also a plus. Once you have a trowel, some clippers and a knee pad you are good to go for a while.

Other gardening tools that are good to have include gloves, a rake, shovel and a hose or watering can.

Some people find gardening gloves more of an annoyance than a help, other people never garden without them. Gardening gloves can protect your hands from thorns, splinters, the gardening tools (some are sharp enough to hurt) and stains you can get from that nutrient-rich soil.

A rake is a good tool to have not only for raking the leaves out of your lawn, but also for roughing up the dirt before sprinkling with seeds.

A shovel is useful for larger jobs such as digging a hole or scooping compost onto your garden and a hose or watering-can is self-explanatory.

With a good garden tool set you are ready for many happy seasons of gardening. Now all you need are seeds and baby plants and then you can sit back and watch your garden grow and become the place you’ve always wanted to sit and relax in. With a little weeding now and then, that is.

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