The Home Gardener’s Tools & Supplies

The Home Gardener’s Tools & Supplies

The home gardener’s tools & supplies are quite numerous. Most of the multipurpose tools will last forever. The newer materials that used for garden tools today make them last longer, their stronger and lighter and gardening is much easier with the new ergonomic tool supplies.

The numbers are so vast that the home gardener has to be wise in choosing the correct tool supplies that he needs. Just about everything seems useful and looks very necessary that the gardener could very easily lose control. Realistically, most garden tool supplies are multifaceted, but just a scant number are indispensable. Take the garden hoe, its main intention was to cultivate the land and remove weeds, but it can also dig holes, slice rows, and make ditches, along with many other chores.

There are many different models, sizes, and grades of the very same tool, so your challenges are going to be many. If you have soil that is rich and very fruitful and a small garden, you won’t need an industrial type spade. A long handled tool, as opposed to a short handle, and a small watering can are much better for the gardener with a tricky back. The sensible thing to do is try each model for your size and comfort before purchasing. You don’t want any tool supplies that are going to tire you out or cause injury.

Your particular garden will influence you as to the type of tools that your need. If you are a city dweller and you want to start composting, that open compost bin won’t do if you can almost touch your neighbors’ house. The enclosed bin is a better match but making sure there some openings for air circulation. If you live in a very hot area or in the desert you will probably want some sort of irrigation system and shade coverings. A good rule of thumb, only purchase the tool supplies that you absolutely need.

When purchasing tool supplies search for the brands that have a lifetime guarantee, they will generally last a very long time. Make sure the garden tools are made of quality materials and craftsmanship; after all you want to spend your hard earned money wisely. 

Your tool handles should be made of a hardwood that doesn’t have any knots and it extends the entire handle. The cheap or inexpensive tools are usually made of the softer woods and painted handles just cover up the soft wood. Professionals will use steel handled tools because they are much stronger than wood but they are probably too heavy for home garden use.

Some of the best tool supplies are manufactured of high carbon steel. Stainless steel tools are very expensive but they won’t rust, they are not easy to sharpen and aren’t any stronger than high carbon steel. You don’t want the heavy duty type tools made of aluminum, only the small hand tools are appropriate for aluminum.

The most vulnerable part of any garden tool is the connection between the handle and the working end. The joint should be held together with solid socket connections, this makes the tool heavier, but it will be better off in the long run. Your gardening tool supplies are the most precious commodity you have for that special flower garden or family vegetable garden.

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