The Window Sill Herb Garden

by Maia C

The Window Sill Herb Garden

Having your own window sill herb garden can add color and fragrance to any home. There is an abundance of reasons why people might prefer to have a window sill herb garden as opposed to one that grows outside. One of those reasons is that by having their herb garden indoors, they don’t have to deal with the elements of weather and can grow them all year long.

While you can grow almost any type of herbal plant on a windowsill herb garden, there are some that are more suited to this method than others. Plants like oregano are ideal because they are compact in size and have a truly wonderful flavor. Rosemary and basil are also a great fit for your indoor garden. Some herbs will repel fungus, such as the rosemary, and others simply have a wonderful aroma that can fill your home any time of the year.

These herbal plants will invariably do best on windowsills that face south or southeast, since, for northern hemisphere locations, that is the direction of greatest sunlight.

Most plants prefer maximum sunlight for growth and health and herbal plants are no different. Herbal plants prefer at least five hours of sunlight per day. Also, remember to keep them from enduring drafts, especially during the cooler winter months.

While you can certainly start your herb garden from seedlings, purchasing the proper containers that are about 6 to 12 inches deep in which to plant them and watch them grow,  is a good way to start. You also have the option to buy herbal garden kits. These window sill herb garden kits come complete with the containers, the plants (usually already sprouting or with seed planted within the soil), and instructions on the different varieties of herbs and how to care for them.

While it’s fairly easy to care for these plants, you do need to be aware of their gestation periods as well as the ideal times to prune their leaves for drying, storing, or cooking.

Some plants will also overtake others if you don’t tend to them and prune them back on a regular basis. You want your window sill herb garden to look as though it belongs there in the windowsill, so there is some measure of attention that they will require from you.

Be careful about the amount of water you give your herbal plants. They don’t do well in damp soil, so water sparingly, but don’t leave them without water, either. If you purchase a kit that has the plants already in bloom, don’t rush to clip the leaves. Allow them time to acclimate to their new environment. Also, if you live in a location, such as an apartment complex in a city, and don’t have access to good sunlight in any window, you can purchase artificial light. Most herbal plants will do just fine under this kind of light, but it’s a good idea to check with a nursery or the manufacturer to be certain.

A window sill herb garden is a great way to spend your free time and if you’re an avid cook, you understand that there is no substitute for having fresh spices and herbs at your disposal. Having your own herb garden sitting on your windowsill will inspire new and wonderful creations in your kitchen, as well as fill your home with the warm and inviting fragrance of some of the world’s favorite plants.

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