Three Major Benefits of Organic Vegetable Gardening

Three Major Benefits of Organic Vegetable Gardening

Article by Magdalene R Braithwaite

Today more people than ever before are choosing to take up organic vegetable gardening. There are many good reasons why the individual should choose to create his or her own vegetable garden. Home vegetable gardening offers many benefits in the form of cheaper and healthier food, better health and better living and it’s easy to get started.Cheaper Food For some home gardening is a hobby; but for others it’s a great help, especially in these days of high food prices. The fact is home gardeners can grow their own vegetables at less expense than they can buy them. If one takes into account the high cost of transporting and handling such perishable stuff as garden produce, then this is hardly surprising. So home gardening could save you a fortune on food bills every week.

Healthier FoodNot only can home gardeners get their vegetables cheaper, they can have them one hundred percent better. The fact is that organic vegetable gardening provides food that is of high quality; full of flavour, nutritious and delicious. There are many vegetable crops that can be grown organically in the home garden. Crisp French (green) beans, runner beans and sugar snaps, for example, are appreciated as being some of the most delicious of vegetables. Likewise, when it comes to vegetables such as tomatoes, peas, corn and lettuce there is absolutely nothing to compare to freshly-picked home grown ones. Even long-keeping vegetable like squash, potatoes and onions are more delicious taken fresh from the vines or the ground. And once you have tasted these delights, the travel-weary commercially grown vegetables being sold in supermarkets will seem stale and flat in comparison. And do not be swayed by appearances, most of those will already have been sprayed with harmful chemicals giving the appearance of freshness.

Commercial growers have to sacrifice quality to quantity because they have to grow those vegetables that give the biggest yield. You do not. Home gardening allows you to grow wonderful top quality vegetables such as Golden Bantam corn, Mignonette lettuce or sweet mangetouts (snow peas), which are not available in most supermarkets. Home vegetable gardening is one way to ensure that you and your family are eating good quality healthy foods.

Better Health It is not only in price and more healthy foods that organic vegetable gardening pays off. There are benefits to the individual in terms of health and the avoidance of chemicals. For example, scientific research has found that organic tomatoes that have been allowed to ripen naturally contain an important micro-nutrient which helps to protect the body from cancer. Creating your own organic vegetable garden filled with fresh vegetables means you can ensure that you and your family are eating good quality healthy food which is a vital part of keeping healthy. By eating your own home grown vegetables you can avoid foods that have been grown and treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals routinely used by most big commercial growers.

It’s easy to get started

Whilst there is a vast amount of published information on the subject of vegetable gardening, the newcomer can find readily available an everyday working manual of organic vegetable gardening instructions which will provide simple easy to follow steps, whilst also making clear both the principles and the practice of garden making and management. The benefits of home organic vegetable gardening are many and this can easily be fitted around other activities, a great advantage for those whose spare time is limited.

The sheer enjoyment of eating flavourful delicious foods awaits you and the benefits that brings in terms of health. So what are you waiting for? There is no time to waste. Why not get started today!

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