Tips for Starting a Successful Garden

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Tips for Starting a Successful Garden

Article by Lucky Sweet

Every person can have a successful garden. Even if you are convinced that you can’t grow plants you too can plant and raise a successful garden. The trick to gardening is to be patient, do your research and get the help you need to make sure that your garden is successful. The fact is that starting a garden that thrives involves little more than following directions and paying attention to what it is that you are growing.

There is no such thing as a “black thumb”. If you want to grow a successful garden, simply follow the instructions laid out in this article.

Try not to let your seedlings dry out all the way. It is true that there are plants that grow best in drier soil but that does not mean that they can grow with no water. Every seedling needs to be watered. You don’t have to let your seedlings sit in mud, obviously, but you need to give them at least a little bit of moisture if you want to keep them alive. The type of plants you are trying to raise will dictate the amount of water that you need to provide to help your garden thrive. Before you put your seedlings in the garden learn how much and how often they need to be watered. You don’t want your plants to drown or dry out!

Decide what it is that you want to grow. No two plants are exactly alike. Each type of plant has its own soil and nutrient requirements–you’ll need to have these set up before you plant. Planning your garden beforehand will help you to make sure that you have all of the correct gardening tools on hand. When you don’t plan your garden ahead of time you run the risk of accidentally killing everything before it has a real chance to grow. You are absolutely allowed to grow multiple types of plants in a single garden but to do that you need to do some planning before a single seedling is put into the ground.

Start simply. You probably envision having an entire yard that is full of plants that are blooming. If you have never started a garden before, however, it is better to start with just a few plants. When you do this you won’t have to worry if you put a lot of work into something that ends up not interesting you. You need time, commitment and patience if you want to be a gardener. You wouldn’t marry someone before having a first date with them right? Why dedicate your whole yard to a vegetable garden if you haven’t ever even sprouted a lima bean before? Lots of grown men and women view gardening the same way little kids view playing outside. Many people insist that working in the garden is a fantastic way to work through most of the stress that they feel after the end of a long work day. Still others insist that gardening is a something to be done “just for the fun of it”. Other people garden because it helps them save money on food they would otherwise have to buy at the store (fruits, veggies, etc). There are plenty of different reasons to start a garden. Don’t forget that even though gardening involves lots of work, it also provides you with lots of enjoyment.

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