Tips For Winter Gardening

Tips For Winter Gardening

Some people would think that winter gardening can be quite a dreary task. This may be because of the fact that most plants do not really bloom during the winter. Many gardeners face winters with an attitude of boredom and even resentment. This might be because of the fact that many people actually think that you cannot do any gardening during winter.

The truth is actually quite the opposite. In fact, winter is the time when you have to be really careful in taking care of your plants. This is because the cold can damage your garden if you do not take proper precautions.

Here are some winter gardening tips to help you out and to keep boredom at bay:

1) Watering – You should not stop watering your plants just because you think the ground is frozen. Although most plants lie dormant during winter and do not require much water, you still have evergreens to think about. If you have evergreens on your winter garden, you should try to water them enough to soak their roots. This is because the frozen ground really does not allow your evergreens to take in much water. This winter gardening activity will help you keep your trees alive as well as ease some of that boredom.

2) Snow and ice – you should not let snow and ice accumulate on your plants. This may cause a lot of damage to your plants if left unchecked. However, you should also avoid removing the snow in such a manner that will damage the trees or plants.

Sometimes, it is actually better to just let ice melt naturally off trees. If you can, however, try to brush snow off gently. An accumulation of snow and ice on the branches of a tree may cause the limb to break. When this happens, you should remove the branch as quickly as possible since it can be a hazard to passers-by. You should also consider the fact that the tree will be able to heal better if the cut is straight. This means you have to saw broken branches off.

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