Tools For Gardening

Tools For Gardening

Gardening tools is the name we give to any gardening materials. These things help us with garden works starting from watering, planting, grass cutting, and grooming. There can be a lot of equipments that we need to have especially when we get into serious gardening.

Each of these gardening tools for gardening has their own specific task to do. Listed are some of the basic gardening tools we will need for planting and gardening:


· Round point shovel – this is the most often used shovel. This is the one used for digging, scooping, and shoveling dirt from one place to another.

· Irrigation shovels – almost the same as the round shovel, but has a straight and sharper rod.

· Garden shovel – used for a lighter garden tasks life tilling the soil and moving light materials.

· Square point – this one is a lot flatter than the others. Its edges are pointy and used moving gravels, heavy soil and even snow.

· Scoop shovels – this one is used only for light materials like saw dust, dried leaves, and dried manure. It is a wide shovel that is designed to scoop. This isn’t recommended for other heavy duty shoveling.


· Barn fork – this is used for moving hay, pruning, weeds, dried leaves and other organic materials. It has a long angled times that can carry such even the loose weeds.

· Spading fork – this one is used for a multitude of garden tasks. The spading fork is mostly used for soil tilling and in breaking heavy dirt clods. This is not advisable to use within planted areas for it may damage and hurt the roots of the plants. It also goes with different sizes depending on how big the task would be.


· Garden hoe – this is conventionally designed for grooming the soil. It has a long handle with a flat blade that is located at the right angle on its end. It is also good for weeding.

· Scuffle hoe – these types of hoes are used to cut the annual weeds’ tops rather than chopping them.

· Weeding hoe – it is a two sided tool. The side as a narrow hoe, while the other one as a 3 tined weeder.

· Warren hoe – this is used for the cultivation of the plants. It helps us create furrows and planting rows. It has ears in the back of its head that is used to pull the soil back into the newly planted seeds.


· Bow rake – this is the traditional steel rake that is used for heavy duty raking. This is mostly used for raking large amounts of weeds, dried leaves and others.

· Level head rake – this is just the same as the bow rake except with its straight back head. This one is used to level seedbeds on our gardens.

· Lawn rake – this kind of rake comes with different variety of designs. It can either be made from bamboo, metal, or plastic.


· Pruning shears – this is one of the most important tools a gardener has to have. It is of a lot of usage. It helps prune the weeds and other unwanted stems or twigs on the plant.

· Hedge shears – this one is not merely used for pruning but for shaping the hedge and shrubs.


Used for tilling the soil from containers and even to small plant beds. This is for light duty planting that requires only small amount of plowing. It is also used to dig the soil from small areas.

Those are the basic gardening tools that we should have for our homes. All of these will be very useful and important for our gardening activities.

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