Top 3 Essential Gardening Tools

Top 3 Essential Gardening Tools

Gardening is a great hobby. You will get great satisfaction from creating a well-groomed garden. Some people find it a great way to relax and de-stress as well. Here we will discuss three essential gardening tools, which are must have for creating a good-looking garden. Other a shovel for digging, the grass shears, the garden rake and the watering can are very important for proper maintenance of your garden.

Grass and Pruning Shears

The humble shears. It looks like a pair of scissors with extra-long blades. It is used for trimming small over-growth. Pruning shears help to keep all your plants properly trimmed to give your garden a well-kept look. Grass shears are used for trimming around footpath and landscaping. Shears can come with either long or short handles. The long-handled ones will take the stress off your back, while the shorter handles can be easily held. For thicker branches, you may need a powered shears.

Garden Rakes

Rakes are one of the most commonly used garden tools. You will need a garden rake for preparing the soil as well as keeping the garden litter-free and tidy, especially during the fall season. There are two main types of rakes. They are the yard or lawn rakes and the garden rakes. Yard rake is used to remove dead leaves and other debris from your garden. Otherwise, the young and tender shoots cannot force themselves through the debris. When choosing garden rakes, take into consideration the material and ergonomic of the design. For people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, it is better to choose a lightweight rake that is easier to handle.

Garden Watering Tools

Water is essential for the survival of your garden. Hence, garden watering tools may be simple devices but absolutely essential for gardening.

Garden watering tools can be just a simple watering can or an automated sprinkler system. Whatever you use, you need to ensure that the soil can retain the moisture properly. Mix your sandy or gravel based topsoil with organic matter or paper mulch so it can hold in water better.

Take care to water your plants according to their individual needs. For example, check out how much water your sprinkler dispenses so you would know how long you should leave it on. Remember, too much water can lead to roots rot and plant diseases; too little water and the plants will dry up and die. Take care that you provide just the right amount of water. The best time for watering is between midnight and before dawn. Too early in the evening and you would have fungus growing, too late in the morning and you risk having your plants dried up. If you use automated garden watering device, set your timer appropriately. Remember to change the setting for different seasons. Clean your watering tool often as scum can accumulate in the hose, pipe and nozzle.

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