Top Ten Tools That No Gardener Should Be Without

Top Ten Tools That No Gardener Should Be Without

Gardening is as much art as it is science, and just like the painter is nothing without his/her brushes, the gardener is nothing without his/her tools. There is a wide variety of garden tools available to the gardener, many of which are rather unnecessary. However, some tools are so crucial to the gardener that it would be virtually impossible to garden without them. Here are 10 essential tools that no gardener should be without:

1. Rake

The rake is one of the most basic garden tools, and is essential for keeping your piles in order. Think of the rake as your all-purpose organization tool

2. Watering Can

Just about every plant you deal with as a gardener is going to require water, and having a watering can nearby is always a good idea. A watering can is the gardener’s best friend.

3. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are crucial for the gardener, as half the job is cleanup. Always be sure you have at least three garbage bags at your disposal before getting ready to work in your garden.

4. Gloves

Without strong gardening gloves, your hands will be in rough shape after just a single day of work. Choose gloves that are made of material heavy enough to withstand thorns and other hazards.

5. Hose

When it comes time to water plants that seem a bit too large for just the watering can, you’re going to want a hose at your disposal. Using a hose to water plants is a fast, effective technique.

6. Shears

Having a pair of gardening shears on hand is necessary for the gardener, as it is not uncommon to have to cut through branches and thick plant stems. Make sure your shears are durable, as cheap ones can break easily.

7. Wheelbarrow

Having a wheelbarrow is essential for moving heavy objects and large amounts of mulch. Choose one that is both light in weight and made of durable materials.

8. Garden Fork

Without a garden fork, it can be a real pain trying to create a nice bed for your flowers, amongst other tasks. Make sure you always have one of these with you in the garden; in fact, keep an extra one around.

9. Trowel

Trowels are short-bladed scoops that are great tools for planting bulbs. Keep two around.

10. Pruner

Pruners are ideal for trimming shrubs; always keep one handy.

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