Types of Theme Designs for Your Garden

Types of Theme Designs for Your Garden

A garden can be your canvass for your artwork. Like a painting it makes use of a multitude of color, texture but with it comes other element such as texture, scents and in some cases, flavors. When it all comes down to it, a garden is all about beauty. Everything comes in second.

A start of great garden is always a patch of land but before it can become a landscaping masterpiece it must have a set direction. Garden design themes can help set a direction for your garden, making for a style that is coherent and unified. Here are just some of the more popular garden designs you can use on your garden.

Japanese Gardens

This type of design is gaining more and more popularity as more people gain a fascination of Japanese culture. However this does not mean that the design is not timeless. Japanese gardens have been hailed over the world because of its timeless simplicity. This design is characterized by the use of grass, stone and moss. The contrast between the hardness of stone and softness of grass create a complimentary effect that highlights each element. In some cases, a central focal point is emphasized, usually a bonsai tree or a Japanese Zen garden in the middle of the main garden.

Formal European Gardens

This form of garden is known for its structure like the Japanese Garden but unlike the Japanese Garden it does not aim to recreate nature in your space. Instead, the European garden uses nature to create symmetrical and linear formations. Most often, one may find mazes and pathways created from woody hedges.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage Gardens is another popular type of Garden where it provides contrasts to the formal European garden. Instead of defined lines, cottage gardens made use of loosely designed beds of colorful perennials. It is also far more practical where the plantings are based on the preference of the plants itself.

Rock Gardens

Not all gardens need to be filled with plants. In regions where there is a shortage of water it is both expensive and difficult to grow plants and keep them alive. If properly positioned, the rocks can be an adequate design piece because of the many colors and texture that it provides.

Tropical Gardens

Tropical Gardens are characterized by the use of tropical plants and aim to recreate the natural scenery that you would normally find in countries like Bali, Jamaica or other tropical countries. Often you can find sculptures native to island nations to add character to the design.

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