What Each Home Owner Must Know Concerning Garden Pests

by Maia C

What Each Home Owner Must Know Concerning Garden Pests

Article by Michelle Green

Regional Garden Pests

Various garden pests are near in all places, while others are problematic only for a distinct territory. It is imperative to understand which garden pests pose a hazard to your lawn and garden; so that you can be perceptive of what to look for and what to do, should a garden pest grow to be an hindrance.

Here are a few widespread regional garden pests:

Fire Ants are a regional garden pest that are particularly an issue in southern U.S. regions. Fire ants sting people, kill turtles and small birds, and additionally destroy the buds and developing fruits of more than 130 species of native wild flowers and grasses.

In the western United States, snails and slugs are generally a danger in mid-winter. While they are most problematic in cool damp climate, they can be a problem year round. Snails and slugs are a nuisance to your garden because they feed on shrubbery, flowers, and/or fruit.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a wood-boring garden pest that demolishes ash trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is guilty for butchering millions of ash trees in mid-western regions such as Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

White grubs are the larva or pre-transformed baby of different kinds of scarab beetles. They are especially a dilemma in the Northeast and Midwest. White grubs are pests because they eat on the roots of lawn grasses.

Seasonal Garden Pests

As you may well have gathered from some of the examples above, not only can garden pests be a regional problem, but they can be seasonal as well. As I pointed out above, slugs and snails are frequently a difficulty in cooler weather.

Wasps bees and ants are also seasonal vermin. Wasp season begins in mid summer. Mice are summer vermin as well, when they vacate homes and take up residence below your lawn or garden. You also want to get rid of them in the summer before they make their way to (or return to) your home.Bees are another summer season garden pest. While bees can be beneficial to your garden flowers, they can become a nuisance to you when they establish nests in your garden.

Identifying The Presence Of Garden Pests

Garden pests, especially those that are infrequently seen, ordinarily leave signs of their presence. For example, lawn mice leave cracks in garden walks and flowers might show signs of vermin assaults. Surveillance for garden pest signs is imperative in initial discovery of vermin before they get out of hand.

Garden Pest Control

Once you’ve discovered a garden pest problem. The next step is to control the problem using a sutable pest control solution. There are several do-it-yourself pest control solutions for just about any pest difficulty you may be facing.

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