Why You Should Do Gardening

Why You Should Do Gardening

Gardening is a universal hobby that needs no introduction. It doesn’t matter if you are in Iceland or in Brazil, as long as there is a sun in the sky to shine down on your seedlings, and the rich soil of the earth to nurture them, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t garden with confidence.

In gardening, it’s important thing to bear in mind that you need to always have a positive and patient, learning attitude, because not every venture which you embark on will be a success. Before you start on advanced gardening techniques though, you should start small and simple, with easy to grow plants and herbs. After you’ve gained more confidence and experience, do you take your gardening hobby to the next level.

Some of the stated benefits of gardening include health benefits. Yes, the rat race can get a little too much to bear after a while, so if you’re considering opting out, and just sitting back and enjoying the simpler life, then tending to your lawn may just be the right tonic for you. Scientists who measured the blood pressure and stress levels of gardeners have concluded that gardening really does have positive spin offs, which counter-balance the negative aspects of stress.

Another good reason why you should garden is because it gets you closer to nature, and the natural world, which has long been neglected by humans – with dire consequences. Gardening helps you appreciate what we have in nature, and promotes a better understanding of ecology, natural cycles, and biodiversity.

With the world undergoing climate change, gardening has assumed a little more importance. If more people spent time in their gardens, they tend to become more aware of the changes that have been occurring in the world’s climate, and may attain a higher level of environmental consciousness. In fact, some awakened gardeners have opted to use less gasoline, plant and grow their own food, and waste less energy and resources. So it can be said, that gardening leads to a more environmentally aware society, which is what the world needs at the moment.

Things are only worth doing if they are fun, and if you get the kids involved, this can actually serve as a family-bonding activity. Now what could be better, starting them young, and at the same time bonding with your kids? It’s amazing how creative kids can be in the garden, and what refreshing ideas they have, especially for vegetable planting. Also, kids love helping their parents with gardening chores, so don’t be shy to enlist your kid’s labor; its something they do with pride!

Here’s another good reason to garden. Gardening can provide a supplementary food source for you and your family. The best part is, you are in control of many aspects of it. What goes into your soil, what ingredients to use for your mulch, how much or how little pesticide to use, and everything else, it’s all under your control. When you harvest the fruits of your labor, you don’t have to wonder what goes into your mouth. It also feels good to eat something that was produced through your own efforts.

Gardening is indeed a great activity that doesn’t really require a lot of cost or preparation, and if you’ve never done it before, you’ll soon be surprised by the myriad benefits it brings to you, and your family. You do need a small parcel of soil though, even if it’s just as big as a pot. There are many undemanding plants to plant, which means that even the most clueless gardener can grow something successfully, so long as he invests a little time and effort to it. The “hard-to-grow plants” can be left for later. And fret not; we all do have a little green thumb in each and every one of us!

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