Window Planters Best for Your Garden

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Window Planters Best for Your Garden

Article by Jose Emmanuel Almirante

What comes in your mind if you think of a beautiful garden? I guess you will say a garden with lots of colors and grows everywhere or you might say a formal type of garden with clean lines and personalized landscape. Designing a garden in your landscape that fits your individuality takes time and effort, but the process can be an enjoyable learning experience by following a few techniques and simple garden design rules.

The first thing you do when designing a garden is to set your plan and identify your goals. Try to think what type of plot you want to create. This is like creating a unique theme for your garden. Choose if you want plenty of colors or lots of evergreen plants. Moreover, consider the location of your garden how far it is from the water source and availability of sunlight. If you plan everything ahead of time, you can design your garden effectively.

Another technique is to choose a plant that suits your goal. Gift plants, flowery type, vines and roses are common plants that you can choose for your garden. Research and identify different plants that can thrive in your area. You can use USDA horticultural zone map that is available online to find the best plants that can survive in your area.

Draw a layout of your garden from an aerial point of view, sketching in all permanent structures such as window planters, pots and plants such as trees or large shrubs that will be part of the layout. Design flower beds for your landscape with soft flowing lines so that it is easy to mow around compare to sharp angled flower beds. Leave a space for loan mowers and wheelbarrows, and give a space for kids and pets to play. Tall and huge plants should stand on the back of the garden and short plants up front.

There are large selections of window planters that you can choose from. These are categorized in two types. Window box cage and Window box planter. Planters have the design on all four sides and can be mounted to a flat surface as a home, fence or wall or mounted on top a wall where all sides are visible. Cages are designed to be mounted to any flat surface so not all sides have designed like the mounting side. But these window planters guarantee curb appeal.

Another idea is to add color to your garden. According to the experts colors on the opposite side of the color wheel looks best together. This is the same with your garden. Masses of one color of plants have more impact than a variety of colors in one place. Repeat the same color here and there around the garden to create harmony.

If you think that you are ready to create your beautiful garden, consider these simple techniques. You can also try reading books, searching information online and seek some advice from your friends and experts about gardening.

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