Wooden Garden Benches

Wooden Garden Benches

Garden benches are nowadays an accessory that practically all gardens have. There are garden benches of various materials available like metal garden benches, plastic garden benches and wooden garden benches.

The wooden garden benches are available in various types of wood, like sheesam, bamboo, oak, teak, pine and other types of wood. Whatever the type of wood used for the garden bench, if the bench is made of tropical wood like teak and mahogany, make sure to ask if the wood used for the bench is plantation grown. This is because wood harvested from endangered rain forests cause a great environmental impact due to its usage. Plantation grown woods are raised specially for the use of furniture, and exert less of an environmental impact. Heirloom benches are available, and are found in various styles of varying designs, finishes, colors and shapes. The main difference that can be seen here is in the shape of the back, arms and legs.

There are basically two types of benches available, the benches that have backs and the backless benches. Whatever the type of wooden bench you venture to buy, make sure to check out the construction before buying it. This is because; there is a basic rule in garden benches that say that the fewer screws and bolts that are used in the construction of the bench, the better the quality of the bench. Instead of screws and bolts, you should see mostly mortise and tenon joinery in the benches. Check out the wood too; because pine doesn’t last long outdoors. The better choices for garden benches are cedar, redwood or cypress, with teak being the best and most expensive of the lot!

Choosing the best wooden garden bench is up to you and your requirements. Buy one keeping your requirements and budget in mind, and you’ll have a furniture piece worth investing in!

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