Garden Furniture & Maintenance – Your Choices!

Garden Furniture & Maintenance – Your Choices!

Luckily, few gardeners are willing to sacrifice design for comfort and with the wide choice of garden furniture available today, it is rare to find a garden bereft of furniture.

Your outdoor garden furniture is very much exposed to all the elements, so it makes sense to take extra efforts to keep them looking new, and this takes a little effort.

Here’s just a few tips to keep your outdoor furniture looking it’s best.

Using covers for protection

You can use patio furniture covers year round at times when your furniture is not in use to protect it from unexpected rain showers. Weather is the biggest factor that causes damage to patio furniture, so doing all that you can to protect your furniture will make it last longer.

You can also use patio furniture covers year round at times when your furniture is not in use to protect it from unexpected rain showers. When bad weather is on the horizon or at the end of the season, you’ll want to protect your patio furniture with covers.

Planning is the key!

Before considering any large purchases, you should definitely do some research. As many people are now into gardening, there are numerous resources to be found that will help you make the best decision. Consider your options carefully as an example Aromatic cedar is a beautiful wood but when it weathers if turns dark in the elements untreated.

Make sure chairs are easy to recline, fold & unfold if applicable. Test them out, make sure they are comfortable & decide whether they need to be cushioned or not.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garden, you should take into consideration how comfortable your garden furniture needs to be and how much time you need to devote to maintaining it in good condition, particularly when you consider the massive choice of garden furniture available to buy these days, made from different materials some of which are more maintenance free.

For Low or No Maintenance, look at these ……..

Consider painted Furniture

Painted furniture also offers more protection. The paint will give the wood more protection during the wintertime. If re-painting or touching up, just make sure not to leave the job too late in the season — the weather should be clear and dry on the painting day for maximum effectiveness.

Plastic Furniture is a good option for NO maintenance

While you will find some great wooden outdoor patio furniture, you will also find some great pieces that are made of plastic. Plastic patio furniture will hold up as far as weather is concerned, and a table top that is made of plastic will be easier to clean as well.

Some manufacturers use EnviroWood which is a synthetic wood substitute made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and containers. The plastic is permeated with UV stabilized coloring that is consistent throughout.

Synthetic Wicker is another option

with the look and appeal of wicker, synthetic wicker is better for areas with harsh weather conditions and for those who like the look of wicker but also want low maintenance.

If You’re OK with maintenance – here’s some tips:

If your garden furniture is made of wood, make it a habit to regularly check for splintered wood or cracks.

Teak is the most durable of all hardwoods, many customers prefer garden furniture made from teak wood. Tastefully chosen teak garden furniture can transform a commonplace garden into a unique one

Likewise if your garden furniture is made of metal, you will need to regularly check for rust.One type is wrought iron which is extremely durable & practically indestructible being able to carry virtually any individual’s weight & size.

Choosing good garden furniture is just like choosing any other acquisition. As an example even if you do not care regularly for your teakwood furniture it can still last up to 75 years and this cannot be said about most outdoor furnishings today.


Your selected garden furniture should suit your budget, usage requirements, and taste. Garden furniture is now a fashion item as the patio and garden increasingly become an additional functional space to the home.

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