Craft an Enchanted Garden With Solar Landscape Lighting

Craft an Enchanted Garden With Solar Landscape Lighting

Imagine walking through lustrous greenery and discovers various wonders within. Do these beautiful scenery in enchanted stories of a movie make you feel with envy? If it does, then you should keep a close attention in the few next paragraphs.

Every household has different style of garden that truly reflects the taste and creativity of the homeowner. If the garden looks dull and lackluster, the first impression that come to people’s mind is the image of the homeowner been unfriendly and somber. People will think negatively whenever they pass by this garden. If you have a choice, won’t you think it’s better to craft your unique style in your gardens? One of the styles that I would like introduce is the theme of an enchanted garden with the help of various type of Solar Landscape Lighting.

There are 3 areas that will create a perfect landscape for an enchanted garden, i.e. Main Entrance, Pathway, Water feature, Enchanted corner and Doorway. 

Let’s start from the main entrance. Here you can spread beautiful Flower Solar String Lights such as daisy flowers on top and front of your fence. They can be easily disguised as real flowers under the sun and really brighten your main entrance. At night, these flower light up the main entrance brilliantly with LED lights. Next add a solar address stone to display the house number.

Next we work on the water feature. Erect a water fountain with solar water pump and add different colored floating solar lights to the water surface. Add some spice to your water feature by erecting a solar lighthouse next to the fountain. Standing at the height of above 1m, its fiberglass wall is a truly eye-catching piece of structure that will shine an orange glow at night on the water fountain.

Along the pathway set up some Rome Solar Lights to give the feeling of an ancient trail waiting for people to discover.

They can really make the pathway look like off the beaten track.

On an empty land exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to set up an enchanted corner that can be filled with little wonders. Place a white round garden table and chair here to enjoy reading book or light snack in the enchanted atmosphere. Let a Solar Lantern Lights illuminate the table top at night. Bring in the little wonders into this corner by placing little angels and dwarfs using fairy solar lights and gnome solar lights. Their appearance easily triggers the image of the enchanted characters in a movie full of fantasy. At night, these little wonders beam their spot light across each other creating a dazzling display of light.

At the doorway, animal solar lights such as Dalmatian dogs or any other pet dog hold a solar lantern lights and wait patiently for your arrival. Dogs are man’s best friend and they can make you feel ease at home after returning from hard day work. Most importantly they light up the door and safely lead you to your house.

Nowadays Solar Lights have become a definition of style more than just to replace electric lights for cost saving. With more modern designs built around different type of solar lights, you can craft different theme of landscape lighting that suit your personality and taste. So start exploring the option offered by the large variety of solar landscape lighting.

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