Baby tomato plant Questions?

bob asks: Baby tomato plant Questions?
It;s only 6 inches
How often do I water it?
Ummm can u guys tell me how to take care of it and when it’ll start having tomatoes

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Answer by Massey Scott t
About two months, it will grow out of tomatoes. You should look after it well.

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  1. If it is in a small pot (4 inch diameter or smaller) you should water it twice a day. If it’s in a larger pot water it once a day. You don’t have to water it very much, just enough to make the soil moist, but not muddy or water logged. The amount of water that should be in the soil is comparable to that of a dish sponge after you ring out the water.

    The plant will need lots of light, so be sure to place it in a south facing window OR put it outside if the temperature isn’t too low. If the temperature gets below 45 degrees Fahrenheit the plant should be brought inside. In my experience, if the temp gets below that the plant won’t do so well.

    Fertilizer: You should fertilize the plant every few weeks. You can get miracle grow from the general store and follow the instructions OR you could just use some used coffee grounds on top of the soil.

    It will get larger and flower, then the flowers will fall off and little tomatoes will grow in their place. You should be harvesting in a few months.

    Once the night time temperature starts getting warm (over 50 degrees) I suggest either transplanting it into a large pot (12 inch diameter or larger) using potting soil from the general store (keep fertilizing) or just plant in the ground.

    Your plant might need support, so get a tomato cage from the general store (I’m talking Lowes or Home Depot). They can answer you questions there too. Good Luck!

    Oh and the best gardening book you could get to learn more is called “Organic Gardening” by Geoff Hamilton.

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