“Brown Tips” on My 7 year old Colorado Blue Spruce.?

garrisonjj asks: “Brown Tips” on My 7 year old Colorado Blue Spruce.?
Usually where the new growth on my Colorado Blue Spruce occurs,small dark brown sections have appeared. Are these pine cones forming? Is this a natural occurence or is there something wrong with my tree?This never happened before. Thanks

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Answer by Paul M
it may need some fertilizer spikes

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  1. you should check for spider mites. (I lost one recently to spider mites) to check for the mites you should take a white paper plate, or white paper and shake a limb on the tree. you should see tiny dots on the paper. If you smudge the paper with your finger, and there are GREEN smudges, you have spider mites. you will need to spray the tree to kill the mites. Check it again in a week to make sure they are all dead.

  2. We live on a tree farm, growing spruces, ash, aspen and some others. Inadequate water will cause a spruce to come into stress. When a tree is in stress it is susepable to pests. Spruce trees need a long deep water. Very slow so it gets to the deepest roots.Depending on where you live and the age of your tree, probably once a week. Put your hose on just a drizzle and let it water over night.
    Spidermites will cause your tips to brown and fall off. This is easily remodied. A mild spray of soapy water bi-weekly will keep them away. When you go to water your tree, spray it hard with the hose, keeping the needles clean. Mites are tiny tiny pest that live in dust particles. Keeping your tree clean and well watered is the trick.
    A few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle of water. If your tree is large you can purchase a sprayer that fits on the end of your garden hose. Add a teaspoon of soap to the sprayer. Youcan buy the hose end sprayer at any garden center.
    We feed are trees spikes, fertilizer for trees you insert into the ground. They are slow release and feed when you water/ Fertilome, greenlite and greenthumb are good brands, but there are many.
    Keeping your tree stress free is very important. keep it clean and well watered and all will be fine. It will also help to keep a mulch around the drip line of the tree. I always suggest to our customers not to pinch pennies when it comes to buying mulch. a few extra $ is a good exchange for getting a good quality mulch.
    God Bless

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