How do I save seeds from mums to grow?

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Pamela W asks: How do I save seeds from mums to grow?

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that’s from a shasta daisy, but it’s the same look for any mum…..tiny seeds!!… don’t sneeze!!…

so much easier to just divide the plants….there’s no way to know if the seeds you save will grow to look like the one you took it from….. but it’s a fun experiment….

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  1. Many chrysanthemums produce seeds, including mums people don’t often recognize as mums such as Shasta daisies, feverfew and tricolor or other heirloom daisies. Fall-blooming hybrid chrysanthemums or garden mums (Chrysanthemum x morifolium), the ones people count on for blazing outdoor color, include vivid florist’s mums. Hybrid mums often produce viable seeds, assuming flowers are allowed to mature and dry fully, but the flowering plants these seeds produce probably won’t resemble the parent.

    Mums from Cuttings & Divisions
    Perennial mums are easily propagated in spring by root division. Lift the entire clump and with a very sharp knife slice it into wedge-shaped sections, like a pie — cutting off and discarding the “tip” of each piece, the older, center part of the original plant. Replant the rest of each slice as separate new plants to expand your bed or pot them up as gifts, watering roots well. You can also take 5-inch cuttings in spring or early summer, remove leaves on the lower half of each stem and then root these in moist perlite.

    Harvesting Mum Seeds
    Mum seeds aren’t always as obvious as seeds produced by other plants. After mature flowers have fully dried on the plant, carefully remove the flower head and place it in a pie pan or similar container. Carefully pull away the outer sections of the dried flower head “fluff” with no seeds, working your way toward the center of the flower, where the seeds are. Place the seeds and fluff into a paper envelope or small paper bag, and label and seal it.

    Growing Mums from Seed
    If you’ve saved seed or buy chrysanthemum seed, germinating it is fairly straightforward, as you can keep soil as a constant temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, such as with a propagating mat generating heat under seed flats. Sow seeds evenly on top of sterile planting soil. Do not cover them. If using saved seed, press seed and fluff together onto the surface. Water well, keeping the soil evenly moist. When seedlings have four to six leaves, in six weeds or so, transplant individual plants into 2-inch peat pots

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