Is it more expensive to grow your own vegetables ?

I_hate_being_single asks: Is it more expensive to grow your own vegetables ?
During World War Two, Americans grew their own vegetables in victory gardens . By the same token, in the early 1970s, the United States government recommended Americans grow their own vegetables in “inflation gardens” to deal with inflation . Every so often I’ll read a “How To Save Money” article that says “Grow your own vegetables in a graden . My mom had a garden and she claimed that it was much more expensive to grow your own vegetables . She just had a garden because she enjoyed gardening . I’ve often said “My mom had a garden, and she always said it’s more expensive to grow your own vegetables !” . There have been times when somebody’s said “No, it’s actually cheaper to grow your own vegetables !” .
Now I don’t know wehat to think . Who’s right ? Did my Mom turn a cheap hobby into an expensive one ? Is it cheaper or more expensive to grow your own vegetables ?

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Answer by mepinkygirl
well i think its cheaper. my parents have all kinds of vegetables in our garden. its not a hobby but they like to have fresh vegetables and its good for your health too! these days the economy is bad so everything is expensive so its easy to grow your own vegetables. all your paying for is water and some seeds but then you’ll get paid for it once you start getting fruits in your trees.

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  1. Heck no! I grow my own veggies and just bought red peppers to tide me over until I can harvest the ones on my plant. They were on sale for $ 1.99 a piece. I only paid $ 1.99 for each of the three plants I have and they each have about 8 peppers in various growth stages that I am waiting till maturity to harvest. Same goes for my tomato plants. I have romas, grape, beefeaters and Big Berthas. I don’t believe I paid over $ 3.00 for any of my plants but just paid $ 2.99 a pound for romas, 2 containers for $ 3 for grape tomatoes while I’m waiting for them to turn red. Even if I throw in the water and organic fertilizer growing my own veggies, citrus, avocado and herbs is saving me money. Besides nothing beats eating veggies right out of your own garden, sharing your harvest with friends and neighbors and controlling and knowing what chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides WEREN’T used on what you are eating.

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