Is this illegal?

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loudpurplehair asks: Is this illegal?
I am trying to organise a table sale in our street (UK) – on driveways and gardens. I want as many people in the street to join us as possible and am currently producing flyers to put through the doors in my road asking if people want to join me. Is this classed as fly tipping? do I have to get anyones permission? also I have seen people down my road doing individual table sales but do I have to get anyones permission to organise a mass one? we live in a quiet area so i will be encouraging people to leave their cars at home as there are many residential roads within walking distance. I don’t want to clog up the area with cars.
When i say Im encouraging people to join me, I mean to sell with me, and once thats sorted Ill advertise to buyers
Is it legal to put flyers through peoples doors without anyones permission?

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Answer by spud
I should think as long as you dont cause a traffic problem and the emergency service can get through and all that rubbish i cant see a problem , but i am sure there will be some busy body ready to stop your fun, i hope it works…..

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  1. no i don’t think it is illigal for you to have yard sales as long as they are in front of your houses and not on the road blocking traffic plenty of people have yard sales and don;t have to get a permit no it is not illigal.

  2. It is not illegal to walk up someones drive in UK and knock on their door or put a leaflet through their door unless there is a sign saying no hawkers,leaflets etc.

    “Fly tipping” is when someone dumps rubbish illegally – usually down a country lane or in a lay-by, that sort of thing.

    If it was one table I would go ahead and do it, but as it seems larger and organised I would talk to the local council. I’d email them and get the response in writing incase they say ‘no problem’ you have something to refer back to.

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