Last year I had planted several Hostas in my yard and we are moving soon, is it possible to take them with me?

The Pig! asks: Last year I had planted several Hostas in my yard and we are moving soon, is it possible to take them with me?
Can I dig my hostas up? Will they survive? Any precautions? Are they worth the time and effort?

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Answer by Jay S
No, they’re not worth the time, or the effort. You can get a wide variety of hosta plants off of ebay for very cheap. Plus, you can only split them up in the spring right when they are starting to poke up through the ground. I wouldn’t bother, because it is a very inexpensive plant.

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  1. Yes, you can dig them up, place them in an open box, and move them to your new place.
    Hostas are pretty tough. They should survive the move, quite well. In fact, if they are large plants, divide them, while you have them out of the ground.
    Prepare their new area and plant them as soon as possible.
    They are well worth taking with you. They will continue to grow into beautiful plants.

  2. sure dig them up and take them with you, they are tough and will survive
    we used to move every other year and I always left my flowers for the next people to enjoy (I thought) so every time I returned
    to old location the new people had done something different
    and destroyed all my flowers!

  3. Sure. Dig them up, plunk them in a pot. When you replant them use Root Stimulator (Fertilome makes a good one) to water them in. Love your frugality, my kind of gardener.

  4. Sure, dig them up and put them into a container so they won’t dry out, or atleast in dirt where they’ll feel like they haven’t been moved. (sorry, not sure where your’e from) and then separate the “balls” into softball size when you go to plant them in your new yard. They should grow without any problems.

    check out this site: and go to the lower left hand side for “plant tips” You’ll learn a lot by signing up for his newsletter like I do. He doesn’t spam you either.

    Have fun gardening at your new house!

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