Stock Market Strategies – Advice For the Beginners

Stock Market Strategies – Advice For the Beginners

The first thing to know about stock market strategies is that there really are no set strategies that are guaranteed to work for everyone. The so-called market gurus are a dime a dozen and will try to convince you that for one low price their secret strategies are guaranteed to make you a millionaire. This is simply not true, and if you have any amount of common sense, you already knew that. The truth is that any strategies, tips or advice anyone gives you about the stock market, even from seasoned investors, is simply a re-telling of the tactics that have seemed to be successful for them. And you will simply have to discover what works for you.

The most important thing to know when you set out to discover your own stock market strategies is that timing is the most important part. In the stock market world, timing means knowing when is the best moment for buying or selling stock so that you stand to gain the most profit. The more subtle aspects of timing involve being able to sense when a stock has reached its highest or lowest value before turning around and heading in the other direction. Just remember the oldest stock market strategy of all time, buy low and sell high.

Another important thing to remember about stock market strategies is that you have to make the decisions to buy and sell that are right for you, and only you. Don’t let anyone else tell you when and what to buy. Buying stock blindly just because someone else assured you it was the right thing to do is the first and worst amateur stock trading mistake. Invest conservatively at first and only buy and sell stocks that you’ve researched and are convinced will perform well for you.

Lastly, remember only to risk as much as you can stand to lose, because any time you have money in the markets, it is at risk, albeit the risk may be relatively small.

Starting small and learning as you go is probably the wisest strategy of all. As with any type of financial investing, be sure to run your stock market strategies by your financial advisor or stock broker before making any big decisions. While these professionals won’t have all the answers, hopefully they will have the necessary experience with the ups and downs of the stock market to point out bad ideas before you have a chance to act on them.

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