Removing Trees From Gardens: Safety Tips For Gardeners

Trees are an important element in any garden. But sometimes they need to be removed. They might be blocking the sun or causing structural issues to your property. Or they might have recently died and started to decay.


Dead trees can be hazardous as they can easily become unrooted during adverse weather conditions. This can cause injury to your family while also causing damage to your garden and home. So it’s important to remove them as swiftly as possible. If you’ve never removed a tree before, you might be unsure how to do it safely and correctly. So to help get started, here are some vital safety tips you need to follow.

Wear Safety Gear
Cutting down a tree might seem like a simple task. But it can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t wearing the right safety gear. Before you get started, always make sure you are wearing a hard hat to protect your head from falling branches. Safety glasses and a face protector should be worn to protect your eyes from sawdust. Steel cap shoes and gloves are also a must.

As well as wearing the right gear, you should also make sure you have the right equipment for the task. You can find chainsaws, saws, and shears from Beacon Equipment and other gardening equipment retailers. Always make sure these tools are in good condition before use.


Never climb a ladder when holding tools
It’s likely that you will need to use a ladder to reach some of your tree’s highest branches. While it can be tempting to climb with a saw or chainsaw, always refrain from doing so. This can result in a severe injury which has the potential to be fatal. So ask someone to spot you while you are using the ladder. They can then safely pass the tools to you and help you avoid getting injured. Make sure the person you ask to help you is also wearing suitable safety gear too.

In addition to this, make sure both you and your helpful friend are alert at all times. Tree branches can fall at any time, particularly if the tree is dead.

Anticipate the felling zone
Now you have removed as many branches as you can from the tree, you need to estimate the felling zone. When you cut through that main trunk, you need to have a clear idea of where the tree is going to fall. While this might only be a prediction, it can be extremely useful. Trees are often taller than they seem, particularly when they are lying on the ground. So great a designated felling zone then add extra onto it just incase. Anything within this zone should be moved or protected to ensure the falling tree does not cause damage. Take into account the direction in which the tree naturally leans to make your prediction as accurate as possible.

These safety tips are perfect for small to medium sized trees which most gardeners can handle the removal of themselves. I you have a large tree that needs to be removed, always contact an experienced arborist company like Ace Tree. Otherwise, your safety and your property could be put at risk.

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