Creative Ideas For Year-Round Garden Entertainment

A lot of us enjoy hosting parties in our gardens. After all, what is the point of all that back-breaking work you do if no one else gets to see it? However, come the first sign of frost, most of us put our garden party ideas on hold. But it doesn’t have to be this way, in fact, with a few smart additions, your garden can be fit for the perfect party at any time of year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you might want to try.


Artificial grass

OK, so I appreciate artificial grass gets a bad press – and it’s unusual to hear it praised on a gardening blog. But, times change, and if you are a busy person, then lawn care might not be something you have time for. The truth is that there are some beautiful artificial turfs out there – and many of them are eco-friendly. It needs little upkeep, it drains well, and you will stop wasting a lot of water in the drier months. And, of course, it means you will save time in the build up to your next garden party.

The garden fire

There isn’t much better than learning how to build a fire pit and enjoying a huddle on a cold evening. And the garden fire has several other benefits for the outdoor entertainer. It can double up as a barbecue, and it keeps pesky mosquitoes and bugs away from the action. As long as you build it in a safe spot and take precautions if you have kids, it’s a great addition to the garden entertainer’s armoury.

The simple space

With a little planning and hard work, you can easily create a space that is suitable for use all-year round. Think about installing some decking or paving to give yourself solid footing through the slushier months. A garden pod can be a great base to host parties, too – and give you a little shelter from the cold. You could even transform an old garden shed into a welcoming, relaxing retreat to enjoy both winter and summer garden views.

Snow Blow

Invest in year-round perennials

If you are averse to the hard work of creating both summer and winter gardens, invest in year-round perennials. They should make up the bulk of your shrubbery and plants, and then it’s just a case of planting more seasonal flowers around them. It will ensure you garden is looking great all year round, whatever the weather. Foxglove, Caradonna, and Penstemons are all beautiful options.

Buy a hot tub!

Finally, if you are feeling like doing something extra-special for your garden party, why not invest in a hot tub? Everyone loves a soak in the warm water during the summer, of course. Hot tubs are perfect for any weather, from rainy autumn to the snowy winter. The Scandinavians swear by them, whatever time of year it is; if you want to enjoy the full Scandi experience, invest in some birch trees and use the branches to improve your circulation!

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