Fun Ways To Enjoy Your Garden This Winter

As the nights draw in and the weather becomes colder, our instinct is to spend more time indoors. The garden is for the summer months, and during the winter it rests, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to have fun and derive pleasure from your garden even during the coldest weeks.



The All Year Round Garden

To appreciate your garden at its best all year round, it’s necessary to do some work in the winter. If not in use, summer furniture needs to be cleaned and put away. This will protect it from the worst of the weather. If you do intend to use it over the winter months, protect wooden furniture with a coat of varnish.

Rake up fallen leaves and put them in the compost bin. This can seem like an ongoing task. At the same time carry out deadheading.

In the greenhouse get rid of any dead plants. Clean out your plant pots and planters, and prepare them for the spring. Winter bulbs can also be planted but make sure you protect them from the frost. Clean and put away any gardening tools.

After cutting the grass for one last time, it’s best to leave the lawn to recuperate over the winter months. Just trim back any weeds or long shoots that spring up.

All of these tasks will prepare your garden for the coming year. It will also make it more pleasant during the winter. Plant some winter-flowering shrubs like holly, rosemary and witch hazel. This will add colour and texture.

Keeping Warm

The main reason we stay indoors during winter is the weather. Though the rain and snow can be a barrier, there are plenty of ways to beat the chill.

  • Hot tubs make it easy to keep warm; there’s nothing better on a bracing winter evening
  • Consider adding a gazebo or garden room to protect you from the elements
  • Add an outdoor heater to the deck or patio
  • Wrap up warm and sit in the morning sunshine with a warm mug of coffee or tea
  • Put on hats, scarves, boots and gloves
  • Invest in a hand warmer for the coldest days
  • Enjoy the garden from the warmth of your conservatory


Even if you introduce plants and shrubs to flower during the winter months, the garden can still look a little drab. However, there are ways to brighten it up. Christmas lights and string lights look beautiful twinkling in the garden. Add them to trees, fences, and guttering. Ornaments work well too, and there are lots to choose from, depending on your taste.

Sensory Elements

When there’s not as much to look in the garden, trigger the other senses. Plant flowers that are known for their scent; crocuses and irises smell wonderful and will flower during the winter months. Consider adding a wind chime to introduce sound.

Resist the urge to batten down the hatches and spend winter indoors. Spend a little time in the garden too and enjoy the magic of the season.

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