Turning Your Garden Into a Childs Haven

It’s that time of the year again. The time when we all start fretting about the post-winter mess that is our gardens. The winter can play havoc with our beloved outdoor space and with the warmer seasons rapidly approaching (well one can hope anyway) the time has come, yet again, to whip our gardens up into shape and have them looking presentable and full of colour for another year.

Knowing where to start can be a problem however and having a clear objective for your gardening projects is really important. So why not focus this year’s gardening plans around the kid? Thinking of fun ways to turn your outdoor space into a child haven is a great way to ensure your kids are off the iPad and enjoying the great outdoors, in the safety of your own garden.

Here are a few simple tips to help you start thinking about some easy ways to make your garden an adventure playground for your little ones.

Encourage Little Green Fingers

Why not inspire your kids to get involved with the garden themselves? Try encouraging them to get excited about the wonders of the outside wilderness by creating an outdoor project for them. One of these great children’s garden tool sets is sure to motivate them.

Depending on the personality of your children this can be anything from growing their own vegetable garden to setting up their own little area in the garden for them to explore and develop. Maybe you can take them to your local garden centre and see what flowers and plants take their interest and ask them to help you plant them. 

Earn Extra Brownie Points

Perhaps you’re thinking big this year and fancy really pushing the boat out. Summerhouses and tree-houses are the ultimate children’s garden fantasies, so maybe this is the year to finally bite the bullet and go for it. Tree-houses can be an incredibly exciting facet to any garden but need a little research in order to make sure they are safe and structurally sound. Therefore it’s advised to hire a specialist to come to your garden first to see where this would be possible and how you would go about it.

A garden summerhouse is not just an exciting feature for the kids but can also be a wonderfully relaxing outdoor space for parents too. Check out these summerhouses from Cuckooland to start thinking about what style, shape and sizes would best work for your outdoor space.

Think Modular

Rather than letting the kids completely take over your beloved garden, it’s best to try and think of your garden in a more structured and modular way. This method ensures that whilst your children can enjoy their afternoons outdoors, so can you. Meaning you can still enjoy pruning your pride snapdragons and tending to your blossoming rose beds, whilst the kids happily run riot elsewhere.

Providing a dedicated children’s play area will help keep their toys and play sets contained and tidy so that you can enjoy the garden just as much as they do. Creating separate spaces for the children will not only give them freedom to play and create but will also allow you to take a pride in your garden as a whole.

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