Get the Best out of the Sun This Summer

The sun comes out to play for everybody (okay, maybe not for long in the UK) every summer. It comes out and provides everybody with a much-welcomed dose of Vitamin D. It gives everyone a bronzed look. It helps nature to grow and continue the work it started in Spring.

Basically, the sun helps everyone and everything, but is it helping you in the best possible way? Will you be getting the very best out of the sun this summer? If you are not sure, read on.

You deserve to get as much out of the sun as possible. Well, you’ve just recently come through the cold winter months, so you definitely deserve it! The first thing you can do when it comes to getting the most out of the sun is to get the best tan possible.

Now, this may come as surprise, but to do so you need to do a lot more than simply plonk yourself down outside in a place where the sun’s rays can reach you. No, there is an exact science to getting the best tan possible without damaging your skin.

The first thing you need to do is apply the right sunscreen. You need to find the right one for your specific, unique skin. When it comes to doing this, you shouldn’t rely so heavily on the SPF. Instead, you should give precedence to the terms ‘broad spectrum’ and ‘high’ next to the UVA logo on the bottle.

However, if you do feel more comfortable with using the SPF of a sunscreen as a way to measure it, then be sure not to choose one that induces a false security. SPF50 screens are an example of this: their chalky appearance and texture can make it seem as if they don’t need to be reapplied, but they do.

No matter the strength of the screen you use, you should be reapplying protective sunscreen every two hours.

That said, it’s not all about the applying and reapplying of the right sunscreens; it’s about understanding your tanning time and seeking some shade too. It’s imperative that you know when your skin’s tanning cut-off point is. This is the point where your skin physically cannot produce anymore melanin, and it’s imperative that you never exceed your tanning time past it.

Everybody has different skin types, therefore everybody has a different cut-off point. Typically, those with fairer skin will experience their cut-off point a few hours into their tanning experience, and those with darker skin will experience it a lot later, at around the four hour mark. If this point is exceeded then not only will you be not tanning any longer, but you will be subjecting your skin to extensive UV damage. Therefore, you’d be damaging yourself for no reason at all.

If you want to stay in your garden past this cut-off point, however, then fear not as you can. Yes, you don’t have to run back inside once your cut-off point passes. Before you do so you’ll have to be prepared to add some shade to your garden.

There are a number of ways you can do so; some are more creative than others, some are more expensive than others. Some of the more creative ways to do so include installing a fabric canopy and draping a tarp for cover. To achieve the former, a fabric canopy, you’ll have to find yourself a decked area and then anchor the fabric over its decking railings.

Once you do, you’ll find yourself in a tent like area that allows you to capture the heat of sun without having to contend with its UV rays. But if this all seems like a bit too much trouble to have to contend with and sort out, then why not stump up the cash to have a professional come in and either build or fit a shaded area for you?

You could alternatively have a patio dome fitted, which would mean you could sit under tinted glass that repels the heat of the sun. Perhaps you might prefer to  have an alfresco roof built further into your garden which would provide you with a shaded area in the midst of your garden to enjoy in all weathers? Or you could have patio awnings fitted to your house that would provide you with a small, yet effective, shaded area that can be withdrawn when not being used. 

Whatever the shape and size of your garden, there is always a chance to create a shaded area for yourself, never forget the humble garden parasol! If you want to be getting the best out of both the sun and your garden this summer, then you simply need to create one.

By getting the most out of your garden whilst the sun is beating upon it this summer you automatically get the best out of the sun too. For this reason, giving your garden a makeover to suit your needs is a must. You have to tailor your garden around you and your family’s needs.

If your garden is meant to be a space where children can run around and be free in, then make sure enough space is provided for this. If your garden is supposed to be a relaxing haven for you and any adults you invite into it, harness the powers of feng shui and induce a calm environment within it. Or if it’s a space where flowers and vegetables are meant to grown, then make sure everything is done to accommodate this.

The more your garden suits your needs, the more time you will be likely to spend in it. So, get started on creating your perfect garden now so that it can be used to your advantage just as the peak of the summer season hits.

However, getting the best out of the sun this summer isn’t just about topping up your tan and spending more time in your garden. It’s about branching out and stepping over the threshold of your home into the big, wide world. It’s about visiting places you would never dream of wanting to visit during bouts of bad weather, namely rain.

One such place, surprisingly, could be your very own hometown. The warm weather and the clear skies that summer days induce make sightseeing the perfect pastime. They also make sightseeing in your hometown something that you should consider doing as you might just see something that you’ve never seen or appreciated before.

The good thing about taking to sightseeing around your local town or city is that it is a very cost-effective experience. All you need do is catch a bus or a cab for a short ride and you’re there. You could take a walk around and find new routes for yourself. You could visit places you’ve never visited. You could check out the new renovations on that bar you used to go to when you were younger, and maybe even relive the memory fully by ordering your favourite drink.

You can do any number of things. In fact, your hometown can allow you to get the most out of the sun just as much as travelling abroad can. So, don’t brandish it as futile exercise before you try it!

Sightseeing in your hometown is all well and good but what if you want to treat yourself to a vacation? You’ve worked all year. You’ve saved your pennies. You’ve endured the cold winter months. You deserve to go on a sunny getaway with your family to a place you want to visit in order to do things you want to do.

If that means going on a lounging-by-the-pool-all-day kind of holiday, then you do it. No matter what people say about it being stereotypical. No matter how many people say it’s not enriching. No matter how many of your friends go on far more ‘refined’ holidays, such as wine tasting trips. If this sort of relaxing, sunny holiday is your vacation of choice, then don’t have any qualms in booking your flight!

There are plenty of travel agency sites that cater specifically to this style of vacation, an example of such is On The Beach. Just make sure this year’s pool is bigger than the one you had last year. Oh, and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen that best protects you!

The sun allows you to reclaim the joys of summer, even as an adult. So, don’t let the sun of summer 2017 go to waste. Get out there. Enjoy it. Reclaim the appreciation and enjoyment you once got out of the summer months when you were a child and a teen. Whether this means bronzing yourself. Whether it means spending more time in your garden. Whether it means getting out into your hometown. Or whether it means flying abroad.

Whatever it takes to get you out in the sun and making the most out of it, you do it.

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