Modern Garden Magic

We nearly all spend hours ensuring our homes are host to the newest technologies. Having a modern house is a goal to aim for, and most of us are up to the challenge. We invest in high-speed broadband, widescreen 4K UHD televisions, and futuristic furniture sets. Some of us even take it to the next level, with remote control plug sockets and WiFi heating systems.

Technology makes our lives easier, so it makes sense we want to use it in our homes as much as possible. But, when it comes to our gardens, technology is often far from our minds.

Many people would admit to being in the dark about the modern gardening tools which stand to make their lives easier. However, as with most things, it’s not because the tools aren’t out there! Let’s have a look at a few technological must-haves for any garden.


Automation is the easiest way to modernise your garden. This isn’t a new invention. Automated sprinkler systems have been in use for years. If you want a flowering garden without hassle, this is the perfect solution. There are a wealth of automated sprinklers to choose from. You can set them to go off at intervals throughout the day, or at a particular time. Your garden will be blooming, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

The benefits of automation don’t end there. You could also invest in automatic gates to let you in and out of the space. These are ideal if your garage is situated next to your garden.

You could even go so far as to get a robotic lawnmower. Models like the WORX WG79 mow your lawn and return to their charging station all on their own! Bear in mind, though, that these are still a novelty item. As such, they’ll set you back a fair way.

Technological Gadgets

As well as making life easier, technology can look pretty impressive! We buy all sorts of gadgets for the home that we don’t need, but which look amazing anyway. Your garden should be no different. If you want to go all the way on your modern gardening journey, you can’t do it without a few cool gadgets.

Companies like the Four Seasons Trading Company have everything your gadget seeking heart could desire so it’s well worth having a browse for inspiration. Whether it is an outdoor fridge or a patio heating systems; you can find it all. If you’ve never consider garden gadgets before, it’s time to get searching and see what catches your eye.

Garden Apps

In the modern day, we use phone and tablet apps like they hold all the answers and, for the most part, they do. While most of us use apps for everything from choosing where to eat, to monitoring our health, few of us think to use them in our gardens.

The good news is, there are plenty of gardening apps to choose from. How far you go with this depends on what you want your garden to be. Apps like Gardening Manager (Android) help you keep track of planting times and schedules, while Garden Compass (iOS) keeps pests and disease at bay.

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