How to Keep Your Garden Tidy in Summer

Keeping your garden tidy in the summer may not be as big a job as keeping your garden tidy in the Autumn, but your garden isn’t seen as often in the Autumn.

Summer is the time where most people put their gardens on display because the days are longer and warmer, giving us a chance to stay outside longer. So, if you’re planning a Summer garden party, you’ll want your garden to be looking its best. Here are some tips on how to keep it tidy.

Be Cut Throat

There may be times when you plant flowers or bushes and a few months later you look at them and realise it was a mistake. They may not be growing well in your soil or they may be doing too well and taking over everything else. It’s sad to see a plant go when you’ve tried your best to take care of it, but if it isn’t thriving in your garden, it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t get attached to the plants you may have to throw away. Adopt a cut-throat attitude when it comes to keeping your garden tidy.

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You may view patio as a boring option, but when you haven’t got much time to devote to your garden, a patio can be a lifesaver. Not only does it require less maintenance than a lawn, a patio is the perfect choice for a designated seating area. You can view some patio examples at

To maintain your patio, all you’ll need to do is give it a wash and a brush once every so often to keep the colour of the stone bright.

Get Inspiration

If it’s been a while since you’ve had time to get out and tidy up your garden, you may be wondering where to start. Sometimes, messy gardens need a whole lot more than some pruning and trimming. If you want something completely new for your garden, the best place to start is in someone else’s garden.

Go and visit a few different gardens to get ideas. One of the best places to visit for inspiration is the Chelsea Flower Show. Once you have the ideas you like, talk to a landscaper and see what’s possible for your garden.

Add a Water Feature

When you want your garden to really shine, it may be less about the tidying up and more about adding character. A water feature is ideal for the Summer and adds the wow factor to any garden.

However, if you choose to add a fish pond to your garden, you will have to be aware of algae. It can develop throughout the Summer so you’ll need to clean it up. You can find tips on getting rid of algae at  The same goes for pondweed.

Trim Your Borders

There’s nothing that makes a garden look messier than untamed borders. Stuffing lots of different colourful plants into borders won’t look pretty. Keep your borders simple by sticking to the same plant and leaving a generous amount of space for growth. Find out how big plants are likely to get and measure the space out accordingly.

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