Ideas For Large Gardens

A large garden is one of the main criteria that people look for in a house. So, if you have just purchased a house with a large garden, you are one of the lucky ones! The only problem is that you now have to choose what to do with it.

It makes sense to plan out your garden design for a large garden otherwise it ends up looking like a bog and boring field. A large lawn area is great but you need to vary the height and to inject some wow factor that will make you and all your family want to spend a lot of time there.

Here are two ideas for things that you can only do when you have a big garden, so make the most of it!

A large garden building

When you have a large garden, you can add in a building or a structure that will give you extra living space. It can be used as guest accommodation, an office or an artist’s studio or simply somewhere that you can go to get away from the main house for a while.

Why not plant your own forest and then build a log cabin in the middle of it? You could even do it yourself if you read the comprehensive guidance on how to build log homes. You can learn how to build a log cabin that is cost effective and beautiful without having to pay expensive tradesman prices or buy a kit.

There is guidance on everything from choosing materials to how to put them together.

A swimming pool

No large garden is complete without a swimming pool. You can use them nearly all year round and they can be part of your fitness regime as well as a fun place for the kids to play.

The new chemical-free pools are increasing in popularity these days and they are better for the environment and help you to avoid some of the health issues associated with harsh chemicals.

There are a few design rules that you should follow when you are having your swimming pool installed. The first is that you should keep your design simple. It is a mistake to try to be too elaborate with your pool design because you are likely to tire of it very soon and it can look dated in a few years’ time.

It is also best to choose a design with a flat bottom as they are much easier and cheaper to dig out. You do not need a very deep pool. You can swim perfectly well in just a meter or so of water. Therefore, unless you are especially keen on diving it is best to limit the depth. A shallower pool is cheaper and easier to install and it is easy to maintain once it is in use.

Box shaped pools are also cheaper to build because it is easy to get hold of liner that will fit it. Try to limit the number of fittings that you install as each one has the potential to compromise the waterproofing.

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