A Garden Isn’t Just For Summer

We’re deep into Autumn now, which means there will be a knock at the door any day now with winter waiting impatiently on the other side. To cut a long story short, that means the next four months will become very indoors-obsessed while your backyard gets forgotten about, like the middle child in a large family.

But it doesn’t have to.

That’s right. While your garden has become synonymous with all things spring and summer, these two seasons haven’t signed an exclusivity deal with your space, and to help you realise this we have pulled together a list of ways you can enjoy your garden this winter.

Light It Up

The days have been cut short thanks to the sun preferring the southern hemisphere at this time of the year, which is exactly why your first stop needs to be the outdoor lighting store. Anything that is going to give your backyard a new source – or multiple sources – of light needs to be considered.

It could be string lights with big bulbs hung right the way across your space, or fairy lights attached to the underside of a parasol, LED lights put inside your planters, solar garden lights or a new spotlight that illuminates your entire patio. So long as you have light, you can smile.

Warmth Is A Winner

Standing next to light on the podium is warmth. So, when it comes to your landscaping needs, make sure you consider something that will radiate warmth, whether that be [amazon_textlink asin=’B00ZG9NT2G’ text=’a fire pit’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9246775e-bd7e-11e7-9c4f-dbff6ac39d00′], an outdoor fireplace, a metal bowl or even those patio heaters that used to be reserved for pubs and restaurants.

Of course, you don’t have to rely on fire for your source of heat because enjoying your garden doesn’t have to mean sitting or standing around. It could mean running across your lawn in your swimmers and taking refuge in a hot tub. So long as you have warmth, you have a reason to be outside.

Winterfy Your Shrubs

In order to enjoy your garden in the winter, you are going to need a garden that is worth enjoying, something that goes well beyond a recently varnished deck. Yup, we’re talking about getting your gardening on by getting some shrubs, trees and perennials that are cold-resistant. You want to have a garden that will continue to blossom during the winter months. Evergreen.

The best options available to you on this front are things like boxwoods, junipers, yews and that sort of thing, but they are also a bit meh. You want to add a little colour and that is where red osiers and purple coneflowers can really add a splash or two of vibrancy. That or you could just get some coloured lights and point them at your flower beds, shrubs and trees. There, done.

We’re not going to say that you may start loving your garden more in winter than in summer because that would be ludicrous. However, you will find that you start to use your garden more and hibernate less, which is a win no matter how you look at it.

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