Host The Perfect Winter Barbecue

Barbecues aren’t just for the summer, you know. You can still make the most of being outside in the garden and having time with your family and friends in winter too.

Here are some amazing tips to make you wish you were going outside and getting cosy by the fire.

Wrap up

The key to having a fun and comfortable winter barbecue is to stay warm. Wrap up in jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves and enjoy being outdoors, under the stars and staying warm by the fire of the grill. It’s an unconventional way to spend the run up to Christmas but you can make the most of it with music, treats and plenty of warm blankets! You could even set off some fireworks or a small bonfire to really make the night feel special.

Keep it simple

Don’t think that you need to make 10 canapés, cooking 5 different meats and making a whole feast full of sides. Keep it simple and stick to burgers, chicken and maybe some ribs if you really want to go all out. As simple side salad, some couscous and some grilled corn make amazing side dishes that everyone will love.

Put The Lid On

Keep the heat inside the grill as much as possible as you cook your meat. It will make the food cook quicker meaning you aren’t stood in the cold for hours, but it is also better for everyone who wants to sit around the garden without getting ash everywhere.

Make it fun

Get plenty of alcohol, invite your friends and family and play some fun games. You can also ask everyone to bring something along to make the party a joint effort, and you can crank up the music and have fun with it all. It might not be sunny outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have loads of fun with the people you love.

Prepare For The Worst

Winter is known for being rather unpredictable when it comes to changes in the weather, which is why you need to make 100% sure that you prepare for anything that may occur. It may be that you also lay the table and get chairs ready in case you all have to make a hasty retreat inside.

Hot Beverages

There’s nothing more comforting in the cold weather than holding a warm mug of something. You can easily whip up a batch of spicy mulled wine, tea or hot cocoa for your guests to stop them from freezing to death in the cold.

If All Else Fails…

If it does come to the time you need to plate up and the cold is just too much to bare, make sure you turn off the grill, grab the food and head inside. You can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the comfort of your home instead. You can also buy covers for Genesis grills to keep your barbecue safe until the next time you decide to go ahead and light it up.

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