How To Start A Mini Farm In Your Back Garden

Your garden is a wonderful place full of wonderful opportunities. Some people choose to plant flowers and make theirs look amazing. Others want to turn their garden into a more practical place where they can get something from it. Have you thought about starting a mini farm in your back garden?

Farming can be a great hobby, but hardly any of us are blessed with large open fields and lots of land. Have no fear, you can still operate a little farm, of sorts, behind your home if you follow this advice.

Plant Some Mini Crops

I’m sure you’ve driven past some farms with miles of crops growing far and wide. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn your garden into a field of wheat. But, what you can do is plant some mini crops of your own.

There are plenty of different vegetables or seeds you can plant in your garden that will grow with ease. You can produce your own grains, which can then be put into your home cooking, making your home more sustainable. Dedicate some space to a large vegetable patch, and you’ve got fresh veggies on demand too – perfect!

Raise Some Chickens

Naturally, animals make up a large part of many farms. But, seeing as you only have a small area in your garden, it’s not possible to have lots of different farm animals.

However, you can get some chickens and use them for their eggs. This is a really good way of getting organic eggs for free! There are plenty of walk-in poultry runs you can find in various sizes depending on how much garden space you’ve got to play with. The good thing about chickens is that they’re easy to look after and aren’t massive like cows or sheep.

Grow Your Own Fruit

Fruit is common on loads of farms up and down the country. Why? Because people love to buy and use fresh, organic, fruit. As such, you’ve got an opportunity to grow something you can use, but also sell to other people. Furthermore, you’ll rarely find a farmers market that doesn’t contain some homemade jam of sorts. This is another great use for your fresh fruit, turn it into homemade jam and become the highlight of every farmer’s market.

Follow this simple advice, and you’ll soon have a little farm in your back garden. Why would you want to do this? Well, it presents an alternative look at gardening and provides you with a cool little project to undertake.

There are lots of things that need growing, animals that need raising; it can occupy a lot of your time. Not to mention the fact it can make your garden and home more environmentally friendly. You’re growing all your own food, which means you’re living a more sustainable life.

As a consequence, you could also save money on things like fruit, veg, and eggs because you’re using what you grow. Not only that, but you can make money by selling your produce too.

All things considered, a great way to get a lot out of your back garden.

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