Overgrown Garden? Make It Great Again In Just One Afternoon!

It’s approaching that time of the year where gardening tends to take a backseat. It gets colder, and our urge to go outside can be a lot less than it was during summer. Unfortunately, this means it can only take a couple of weeks for your garden to suddenly become completely overgrown. You look outside and see a forest in place of your once beautiful backyard.

Fear not, you can reverse your overgrown garden in just one long afternoon…if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few ideas to trim down your garden and return it to its former glory.

Trim Any Overgrown Trees

Trees can be a blessing and a curse for your garden. On the one hand, they might provide essential shade and look very pretty. On the other, they lose their leaves during fall and the branches can grow to be very long, gnarly, and not at all attractive.

What you should do is get a chainsaw and time any overgrown tree branches. If you go here, you can see reviews of the best chainsaws around right now. Ensure you pick one that will definitely work on tree branches, and then get to work. Make sure the branches no longer creep out into your garden, and you make the tree more sightly.

Rip Up All The Weeds

Weeds grow amazingly quickly compared to any other plant in the garden. I mean you wait weeks/months for flowers to grow, but weeds spring to life in days?!

Leave your garden unattended for a few weeks, and it could become a weed haven. In which case, go around ripping up all the weeds you can find. You can literally grab them with gloved hands and rip them from the ground, or you can get [amazon_textlink asin=’B01DXV8YNW’ text=’a strimmer’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’988977ef-a852-11e7-a86d-67dbab3f5953′] to do the work for you.

Then, you can go to this site and check out the weed killer reviews to purchase one for your garden. Spray it down after you’ve got rid of the weeds and it should help kill the roots, stopping them from returning.

Rake Up All The Leaves

Leaves are often a key component in making your garden look ghastly and overgrown. Especially during this time of year when the leaves tend to shed from pretty much everything in your garden.

This leaves (pardon the pun) you with a lawn covered in the little blighters, which makes cutting the lawn a lot harder. Get your hands on a rake and collect all the leaves into little piles, then put them in bags and dispose of them. You may find this is all you need to do to make your lawn look less overgrown. If it still looks bad, a quick cut will do the trick.

An overgrown garden can be depressing to look at, particularly if you used to spend a lot of time looking after it. Like I said, all it takes is a week or two of neglect for things to turn bad. If this happens to your garden, set aside an afternoon and do everything I’ve mentioned. At the end of the day, your backyard will look gorgeous once more.


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