Turn Your Garden Into A Great Play Area For Kids

The garden is the perfect family space for young children. When they’re too young to go out and play on their own they’ll complain about getting bored if you haven’t got time to take them to the park. So why not bring it to them?

Turning your garden into the perfect kids play area is a great way to give them somewhere fun to play without having to worry whether they’re safe or not.

Speaking of safety, when you’re sorting your garden out for the kids, make sure you remember these things.

Safe Surfaces

Kids are going to get bumps and scrapes however hard you try to avoid it.You can however reduce the amount of damage they do to themselves by making sure that the garden is covered with safe surfaces. Try to steer clear of concrete as much as possible and use grass instead. Sure, they’ll get more stains on their clothes but they won’t hurt themselves.

If you’re worried about them getting covered in mud and grass but you don’t want them to get hurt on concrete, you can put down poured in place rubber flooring like the stuff you’ve probably seen in kids [amazon_textlink asin=’B01D1PEDTO’ text=’play areas’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4928ac25-a858-11e7-a777-7151b0930642′] before. It’s nice and bouncy so they won’t injure themselves, and they aren’t going to get dirty if they’re rolling around on the floor so it’s the best of both worlds.

Secure The Perimeter

That sounds a bit dramatic but it’s important that you don’t let your kids get out and wander off. If the fences have got holes that they can get through it defeats the point of making the play area in the garden in the first place.

Make sure you cover any gaps and make the fences high enough that they can’t climb over, kids will be pretty persistent when it comes to exploring the outside world.

Lock The Shed

The garden isn’t just going to be for the kids, you’ll still want to use it as well. All of your gardening tools and any other sharp objects that you might have lying around in the shed are all going to be health hazards for young children.

You don’t need to get rid of them, just make sure that you keep the shed locked at all times so they can’t get in.

Protect From The Sun

The garden is full of all sorts of dangers that you need to deal with but, assuming you don’t live in Iceland, the sun should be your biggest concern. Kids don’t need to be out for long on a hot day to get sunburn and even sunstroke.

Getting a lot of sun damage when they’re young could cause them irreversible health problems later in life. When you’re designing your new garden, make sure you include plenty of shaded areas for them to take a break from the heat.  

When they’re in the middle of a game, kids aren’t going to have the sense to stop playing and sit in the shade for a bit so you’ll have to teach them about the dangers of the sun and encourage them to take regular breaks.

Turning your garden into a great play area is the best way to ensure that your kids have somewhere to enjoy themselves safely.

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