Utilising a Small Garden

Do you dream of opening your curtains in the morning to look out on a long, luxurious garden? Filled with colorful plants, tasteful decorations, toys and games and seating areas?

Well, for some of us, we’re lucky enough that this dream is a reality. We’ve got plenty of outdoor space to use as we please. We can create zones, and use our gardens to their full potential without giving it a second thought. 

Unfortunately, modern housing means that it has to remain nothing more than a dream for a lot of us. Instead, we’re left with a tiny bit of outdoor space, which we largely ignore as it’s simply too small to do anything with.

However, spending more time outdoors, enjoying your garden can have a huge range of benefits. You could find yourself less stressed out, sleeping better, feeling more creative, enjoying new hobbies, speaking to your neighbors more and generally enjoying life and all it has to offer.

Even if your garden is barely big enough to stroke a cat, never mind swing it. Here are some top tips for making your smaller garden space beautiful and fun.

Add Color

Gardens don’t need to be all green and brown. Adding color can make a small space seem more lively and larger. Just try to stick to lighter colors.

Ways to add color to your garden include flowers and shrubs, painting your fence panels, installing fun planters and with your furniture and accessories. Check out HoCo Fence Installation for some ideas as to what you could do with your fencing.


Use Height

If there isn’t much room on the ground for flowers and color, add them to the fences and walls instead.

Think Subtle

In a small space, colors and smells can be overwhelming. Try to stick to flowers and plants with delicate aromas and space your colorful additions out so as not to overpower the senses.

Be Creative

Have fun in your garden. Look online for some ideas of how you can use everyday items to create cool and interesting planters and flower beds. Then, think about accessories. Your garden doesn’t just need to hold garden furniture. You could include soft furnishings and other textiles, beanbags, fun solar lighting and almost anything else you can think of. Just like your home, your garden décor should reflect your personality. See it as an extension of your home décor.

Use Your House

The back wall of your house is one area of the garden where you’ve got a lot of space to work with. Add some hanging baskets and window boxes, add a mural to the wall and use the space as much as you can.


Add mirrors to the fence at the far side of your garden to give it the appearance of stretching out for a lot longer than it actually does. Then, if you’ve got great views, steal them. Install shorter fences so that you can see other gorgeous gardens and views from your own.

However much space you’ve got, fill it with things you love and enjoy. Then, get outdoors and make the most of it!

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